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Synonyms for conceding

the act of conceding or yielding

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He said about the goals we were conceding early in the season and we have worked hard to become harder to play against.
The only little thing that annoyed me was conceding a second goal so near the end.
But when results haven't come I understand they have to change and we have to change to stop us conceding.
However, when both sides cooperate by conceding, as Hicks observed, the result yields the original settlement obtained by equating [W.
I think the days of going four-and-a-half games without conceding a try, or conceding just two in a Six Nations campaign, are long gone now.
Panelo on Thursday said Duterte's rivals should be statesmanlike by conceding defeat and foregoing their constitutional right to have their votes canvassed so that the mayor could already be proclaimed and Congress could focus on the hotly contested vice presidential race.
We shouldn't be conceding straight after we score, but we'll work on it and make it better.
30pm) after conceding eight goals in their last two games.
Akhisar has fared even worse, scoring only 24 and conceding 35.
Burnley were the last team to stie their opponents and win promotion as the division's best rearguard, conceding 37 goals in their 46 matches last season.
In those games, New Zealand have scored 1,221 points and 141 tries, conceding 504 points and 44 tries vvStarting with a 73-7 win over Canada in April 1995, New Zealand have won their last 31 matches at Eden Park in Auckland.
We are conceding poor goals, playing quite well but conceding poor goals.
Fingers were pointed at veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon who, after conceding four goals in an international for the first time in last year's Euro 2012 final loss to Spain, suffered the same fate again in on Saturday's 4-2 defeat to Brazil.
The amount of goals we are conceding is something that worries me.
ROY Hodgson claims Albion left themselves with a mammoth task after conceding twice from corners in the opening half at Molineux.