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Proof of concavity of profit function in [4], the duopoly case
Another possibility is to analyse the concavity of the contours of the grain clusters (Baia et al.
Recently Zhou in [13] by using concavity method obtained global nonexistence result for the quasi-linear parabolic equation
The absorbent article is deformed such that a concavity is formed on the topsheet side, the absorbent article being put on a wearer while maintaining such a deformed configuration by the sheet-like member.
Echoing the concavity of such satellite dishes, full-bodied cactus blossoms splay-across numerous canvases, transitively suggesting a visual metaphor for the petal-like ornateness of the human ear, which, in Giegerich's hands, accesses an interplanetary range.
The highest concavity ratio and hence the strongest convex-up orientation characteristic of the 3rd oryctocoenosis suggest a rather great influence of the water current.
Time permeates this arrangement, each concavity an impression of longing.
12 apart) frontally and behind vertex; strongly emarginate near ocelli and recurved to produce rather deep concavity behind vertex; sparsely obscurely hairy.
The user can attach the LowRider seat to any wakeboard using the existing boot mounts, allowing the board to maintain its natural concavity, and giving the user a smooth ride.
In this paper, the logarithmic convexity and logarithmic concavity of the double sequences are presented (1)-(3).
We assume the revenue function to be of the Symmetric Normalized Quadratic functional form, which is more attractive to other functional forms (like the Translog that has been used extensively), because it has the important property of flexibility when convexity and concavity are imposed.
Excessive concavity was noted, also its dependence on the welding speed and current.
On a chart, a vague, shoreward concavity shows in the bathymetric profile of the lower Florida Peninsula.
Species Anatomy Vascular tissue Drynaria Patch of densely Abutting the nectary quercifolia staining cells Aglaomorpha Patch of cells Abutting the nectary coronans Drynaria rigidula Small concavity of Forming the rim of densely staining cells the nectary Aglaomorpho Large spoon-like Branching within ocuminato appendage of densely the nectary staining cells Species Distribution Drynaria Inconsistent.