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in a concave way


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Key statement: A footwear or orthotic device, including a footwear or orthotic sole and an insert with an outer bladder having an uppermost surface curved concavely relative to an intended wearer's foot location in the device, as viewed upright and unloaded in a frontal plane.
Macropterous form: Thorax: Pronotum wider than long, with hispid tubercles, subquadrate, flattened, not declivous; frontal angles rounded, not projecting; humeral angles obtuse, not exposed; collar indistinctly depressed, not separated by a distinct incised line; middle third of pronotal disk with a broad longitudinal sulcus; anterolateral margins obliquely straight, roughly granulate; posterior margin concavely arcuate before base of scutellum; prosternum depressed; meso and metasternum sulcate; anterior lobe of metathoracic peritreme weakly reniform, posterior lobe subacute, raised; evaporative area short; posterior margin of metapleura with outer third obtusely rounded, and slightly raised.
On one hand, she insisted that her objects "should not represent anything but what they are," (21) a fact embodied in her literally self-reflective, concavely folded reliefs such as Blaue Faltung (Blue Folding), 1965, and Weisse Faltung (White Folding), 1966.
The sanitary napkin includes a napkin body having a liquid-absorbent layer for absorbing and retaining liquid; and first and second projections each exerting an clastic contractive force between longitudinally opposing front and rear ends to concavely curve the body surface of the napkin body and raise itself from the body surface of the napkin body.
The General Assembly building, the UN's best known meeting hall and a visually distinct building in the compound with its concavely arching roofline, will be redone starting in 2012 and will use the temporary conference facility for meetings while the work is being conducted.