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Light enters the lower portion of the eye and hits a mirror composed of stacks of crystals, which sit roughly parallel to one another, but their angle changes over the surface of the mirror, giving it an overall concave shape.
It occurred to him that if the concave shape of the octopus' suckers could be replicated on the soles of shoes then he would have footwear that would give unrivalled grip on a basketball court.
Used for his 1958 typeface Optima, this subtle concave shape at the end of each letterform has the effect of significantly improving legibility while granting the face a strange appeal.
DNP has established a technology which leaves only the necessary circuit portion of the lead frame, removes the plate mounting for the IC chip, and in cases where it is structurally necessary, etches the lead frame portionused for mounting the IC chip into a concave shape, into which the IC chip is then embedded.
The downside was many of my shell holders had to be replaced, as the older style did not have the concave shape in the bottom of the center hole necessary to fit the RCBS Priming Tool.
The concave shape of the Phillips curve imparts a deflationary bias.
Its concave shape allows driver and front passenger to keep a watchful eye on the rest of the clan in the car.
The nose is the most dramatic styling feature with its concave shape and large lights set either side of a familiar grille.
Instead, it starts with a blank or "puck" that is cut from extruded sheet and compression molded into a concave shape before being stretch-blow molded.
Shaped like a saddle, the TBP of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana causes the DNA that lies under it to arch sharply upward, conforming to the protein's concave shape, report structual biologist Joseph L.
Good basin design has a flat or convex bottom rather than a concave shape that can induce metal splashing and trap gases or oxides.
The RFN 300 machine produces lobes with a concave shape for the camshaft shown.
Made of different types of store-bought or homemade clay-like material, each surround has a concave shape that can hold an egg in some way.
Its concave shape also enables the employee to gently secure the agitated individual against a wall for a safer crisis intervention.
For example, the panel section has a unique concave shape representing a sail filling with air," he added.