concave lens

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a lens such that a parallel beam of light passing through it is caused to diverge or spread out

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Bouchriha, "Realization of a high coupling efficiency by employing a concave lens based on two-dimensional photonic crystals with a negative refractive index," J.
If you put a concave lens in front, the image would be righted up.
This study used a concave lens like that depicted in Fig.
This meta-material is thought to allow objects to appear exactly as they are rather than upside down, as seen in a normal convex or concave lens, Guenneau said.
Myopia requires a concave lens, but by FDA rules the center of any lens has to be of a certain thickness to resist breakage.
8) Set of Concave lens & Plane mirror to final the refractive index
The optometrist's duty is to help the child see distant objects clearly so we prescribe a concave lens that will bring the image shell at the fovea into focus, but this restores the RPHD, possibly driving further myopic changes.