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Synonyms for concatenation

the state of being linked together as in a chain

the linking together of a consecutive series of symbols or events or ideas etc

a series of things depending on each other as if linked together


the act of linking together as in a series or chain

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Michaux's drawings, a selection of which were recently on view, are the-barest, most unstable concatenations of lines, marks, and doodles, here in color, there pitch black; they are atavistic, inchoate scribblings, at times nearly legible, yet always on the verge of indecipherability.
The device also supports an extensive range of standard and non-standard contiguous and virtual concatenations.
Virtual Concatenation (VCAT) with Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) and inter-tributary de-skew to 64 ms using inexpensive external SDRAM.
NASDAQ:EXFO) (TSX:EXF) announced today the launch of the 10+ Gigabit Multi-Rate EPX6100 Transceiver with deep channelization and mixed payload concatenations.