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Synonyms for concatenate

to make into a whole by joining a system of parts

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combine two strings to form a single one

add by linking or joining so as to form a chain or series

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The concatenated data set of the mtDNA and nDNA genes contained 23 haplotypes with 751 informative sites.
Analysis of the phylogeny of individual proteins (Figure 2) does not always match the clustering observed by comparison of concatenated conserved ORFs (Figure 1).
Binary converter takes the concatenated sequence from merger (Figure 1) and converts each A/C/G/T character into two bit binary representation.
At the sending end, each virtual container is provided with information about its concatenated group identity and its position/sequence within the group, as well as destination information for processing in the intermediate nodes in the network.
The encapsulated frames are then mapped into either virtually concatenated low or high order payloads, such as VT1.
SNR is reduced by having low input signals into the optical amplifiers or by channel spacings that move some channels to low gain regions of the concatenated amplifier gain curve.
The new 40G interface supports both clear channel OC-768, as well as concatenated OC-192 traffic streams, ensuring the protection of earlier infrastructure investments.
With integrated support for advanced features like VPLS, PWE3 (Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge to Edge), and an industry-leading number of VCGs (Virtually Concatenated Groups), we believe that Orion is a best-of-class silicon solution today," said Krishna Vishwanadham, CTO & VP of Xalted Networks.
Switching of virtually concatenated SONET/SDH traffic using EtherPHAST-48 Plus, VTXP-48 and PHAST-48V.
Low or high order Virtually Concatenated traffic, consisting of prioritized Ethernet/Virtual LAN (VLAN) traffic encapsulated in GFP, is fast becoming the premier EoS transport service.
At the February meeting in Geneva, a large and diverse group of carriers and equipment suppliers advanced the circuit bonding standards by establishing management methods for the concatenated circuits in the bonded group.
The Turbo Codec uses only 60% of the bandwidth of a comparable rate 1/2 Viterbi and Reed-Solomon concatenated coding scheme.
The OTS9101 module adds the ability to analyze B3 errors, path overhead and concatenated OC-192c/STM-64c payloads.
In these scenarios, the documents can be concatenated or merged together as necessary before being published to PDF and thereby retain their corporate "look and feel".