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Synonyms for concatenate

to make into a whole by joining a system of parts

Words related to concatenate

combine two strings to form a single one

add by linking or joining so as to form a chain or series

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Kirzner's Coordination Often Seems Like Concatenate Coordination
The Matrix Concatenation block concatenates input matrices [u.
are proof positive that he could not possibly have been referring to dovetail coordination, but must have been referring to concatenate coordination.
It is true, as K-B demonstrate textually, that economists have long used the word coordination in the sense of concatenate coordination, but it is also true that the more narrow Kirznerian use has its own history and partisans.
For instance, a libertarian wishing to discourage the passage of rent control legislation, but recognizing that the strongest case for its adoption is based on an appeal to the enhanced concatenate, rather than dovetail, coordination it is thought to promote, might respond to our imaginary advocate described above by saying, "Your concern for the welfare of tenants and your desire to enhance their sense of security about having a home is admirable.
In such a case, the government officials would not be attempting mutual coordination, but instead would be seeking concatenate coordination: they would be arranging motorists like chess pieces to achieve a pleasing (i.
Some host volume management tools technically incorporate basic forms of virtualization -- partitioning bigger disks under their control into smaller volumes and concatenate smaller disks into large volumes.
Global scale CO2 predictive models concatenate sets of models that describe biophysical processes and climate.
Indeed he claims that the K-B concept of concatenate coordination cannot be interpreted in anything but a normative sense and protests that he himself has never placed "heavy doctrinal weight on the normative coordination concept itself (Kirzner, 2010, p.
drives get their electricity through the bus, and the shells have plug-in connectors that let users concatenate up to five of them in any combination.
With 600 by 600 dpi resolution support and the ability to concatenate resources, these solutions optimize print production performance and increase productivity.
The questions rapidly concatenate but the Clean Fuels Report cuts to the data from varied sources to get at the surprising answers that are hidden behind the politics of international energy and science.
Among the 12 new advanced file editing functions are the following: convert a string's ASCII value to an integer, or the inverse, concatenate or compare 2 strings, and return in all lower or all upper case.