con game

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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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But consumers should be aware that they might be pawns in a tremendous consumer "protection'" con game whose players advocate more regulation, less consumer choice, and, in general, higher prices for consumers in the name of safety.
On his last trip, Jones had lost $400 before he realized that he had been set up as the pigeon in a con game by professional gamblers.
This process emerges as a postmodernist con game in which readers as "marks" (fictional and real) are the ones who are ultimately conned.
Years ago there was a con game called the razzle-dazzle.
But I gradually began to think that it was a con game being played on women.
Often, an individual unwittingly chooses to become a victim of a con game by calling a 900 number in response to a postcard or television ad, handing over money to a complete stranger, or volunteering a credit or phone card number.
The biggest con game that's been foisted on the American public is that private label is taking over the universe.
Seeking gold on the bottom of the North Fork Feather in 1897, one Major Frank McLaughlin hired 1,000 men and, in a con game extraordinaire, actually rerouted the entire river through a wooden flume so he could mine gold (unsuccessfully) from its dried-up bed.
The federal con game following a balanced budget amendment could push most states and cities over the edge.
Many worldly-wise students see life as a con game in which neither television advertising nor test scores and college admissions are free from dishonesty and maniipulation.
OK, fine, so we all know that this is perhaps the biggest electoral con game in the 21st century.
Allen said the judge's March order, which called the camera system a scam and a con game, was ''strong language, but accurate language.
Each step of his con game is charted carefully with the right physique, body language clothes and accessories.
Social engineering is a security term used to describe the manipulation of people to get information, data, or system access; the classic con game updated for the Internet age.
When he's not been exploding with rage, Carlton has sat down and very cleverly analysed every step of their con game and spotted the one weak point.