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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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And yes, Trump is playing a con game of his own, and they'll eventually figure that out, too.
If they act in their own interests, many won't do so--which is why the White House and its allies need a con game and are cranking up the propaganda machine.
Perhaps in the future more hunters will become disenchanted with the NRA's con game.
As long as they keep moving from town to town, they can use the same old con game by finding new victims.
The Spanish Prisoner The Amazing Spiderman's Campbell Scott plays a nerdy number cruncher who devises a highly lucrative business stratagem that sees him plunged into an elaborate con game instigated by Steve Martin's smarmy millionaire playboy.
This virtual con game nevertheless cost Americans real money.
aThree Card Montea for the Arab refugees is a con game in which the mark (the US tax payer) is tricked into giving aid to arefugeesa to split between the dealer and the shills, UNRWA and the Palestinian / Hamas leadership.
Heller's Catch-22, now celebrating its 50th anniversary, tipped the blasphemy scale on its side, treating the logic of war as an elaborate, absurdist con game.
The six weapons of influence used to perpetrate Madoff's con game included all of the following except:
Madoff's suspected con game shook investors around the world, perhaps nowhere was there a higher concentration of victims than in this room," the Times article said.
Las preguntas en cascada dentro de la obra mametiana funcionan en dos niveles: dentro de la escena son utilizadas para solicitar informacion entre personajes; fuera de la escena le revelan al observador ciertos estados de animo exultantes, que obedecen a una "farsa" del personaje puesta en juego para obtener la confianza del otro, en una especie de con game del cotidiano.
With the rise of Islamic militancy in the 1990s, however, the two men's paths diverged; in 2002, those paths collided when Sheikh executed a cunning con game that ended in Pearl's headline-making kidnapping and murder in Pakistan - and the remorseless Sheikh's arrest under mysterious circumstances.
Perfection and preeminence, however, may be merely an insubstantial bubble of a dream hatched in advertising departments, a con game that drives our economy but costs us dearly in the end.
And worst of all, we childishly bought into the con game that the Chalabi-led Iraqi National Congress was going to waft magically into power, erasing overnight centuries of sectarian chaos and bringing Camelot II to a place that has progressed little beyond the Age of Nebuchadnezzar.
However, he refused to see it along national lines after admitting he has also been caught up in the con game as recently as this month.