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the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability

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Make the good players into better players and the average players into good players and try and get a system going and some comradery together so that you can go and win something.
For her, the costume is more than a costume for it reflects ANZAC's mateship, comradery, good humour, endurance, love of our country and the incredible strength of the Australian women.
Yasmeena El-Sabeh, a journalist at the university's newspaper, said there had been a sense of comradery this year.
The group (of young players) interacted really well (during the World Cup), there was good comradery and there is a sort of club atmosphere within the structure, and that came good in Switzerland.
The veterans center makes it possible for us to show our eternal gratitude toward our Cherokee veterans while providing them with needed services, comradery and a welcoming space.
Ironically, the most challenging obstacles were not learning the language, dealing with the maddening traffic jams or assembling the novel that is required to apply to a university; it was learning how to downshift from the excitement, pressure and comradery of military life.
As an individual, Cuda would have limited options for redress, and she might seek the comradery of her fellow workers.
Drama, comedy, grief, honesty and comradery follow in a play which will appeal to both women and men.
There's 13 cast members and it's an ensemble show which is nice to be a part of because we share the show and there's a real comradery between us all because it is that kind of small, intense cast which I think differs from some of the bigger shows I've been in," she said.
The cherished symbol of world peace and international comradery was lit in Greece's Ancient Olympia on September 29 and officially handed over to a Russian delegation in Athens on Saturday.
Dad-of-two Glenvyn said: "I love the people and the comradery of it all.
Another environmental justice scholar, Eleanor Metzger, argues in favor of paternalism, but notes, "reliance on direct community involvement creates an avenue of real participation for the poor; this type of activity also has generated a strong sense of community and comradery in these neighborhoods.
The basis of this sense of comradery was often connected to shared feelings of distance and alienation from the home front.
Especially so with a solo thing I think - in a band, you have that comradery and you can generate a shared communal enthusiasm but as a solo artist it can be easier to doubt yourself and when it starts to feel like that it's probably time to leave it for a while and pick it up again when it feels right to do so.