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Synonyms for comradeliness

the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability

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In collective worker action, especially mass strikes, workers see their fellows taking great risks for mutual benefit, they take strong risks themselves, they meet with new comrades, they commit themselves to their project in a public and oppositional fashion, they experience the enmity of ownership and the comradeliness of fellow workers--they can no longer ride a fence, because to be in a strike they have made a decision to take sides, they have openly opposed management, and the two-sidedness of class conflict is nakedly apparent.
Appeals to comradeliness, fraternity, and community are illusory apart from an inherited culture, symbolized for Rist by attachment to "land, village and the local churchyard where one's ancestors have lain for generations.
With an honesty that never betrays the character's veneer of comradeliness, Leonard communicates the depth of Housman's affection and the mixture of ecstasy and pain it causes him.
More than once, she saves the lives of men who have fallen overboard or collapsed on the trail, demonstrating both her comradeliness, and her "fitness" to be a mother.
In Burning Daylight, Dede Mason, possessed of a "great store of comradeliness," is the model of just such a comrade and co-worker, and her determination to avoid being locked into the "sexuo-economic relation" is crucial to the novel's plot: she will not marry Elam Harnish unless he renounces his wealth.