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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures

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Performance Standards with Innovative Heterogeneous Computing
TeraForce Technology Corporation (OTCBB:TERA) today announced that DNA Computing Solutions, Inc.
This event marks the culmination of a two and one-half year development effort at DNA Computing Solutions that produced a fundamental new approach to heterogeneous computing which enables unparalleled levels of sustained, high-density computing performance to be attained for applications such as radar processing, intelligence gathering, image processing and sonar.
Eugene Helms, president and CEO of DNA Computing Solutions.
Eugene Helms has been named to head the company's high performance computing business unit, DNA Computing Solutions, Inc.
Helms will direct the operation and planned expansion of DNA Computing Solutions as it continues to build market share in the high performance computing arena.
This appointment recognizes both the significance of the stage to which DNA Computing Solutions has progressed in its growth and the role that Dr.
Helms began his career thirty years ago in the high performance computing arena at Texas Instruments where he was a key player in the pioneering developments of TI's highly successful digital signal processor products.