computing system

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a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage

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Goldstein then worked to develop a software system that would "image-enable" the real estate company's existing computing system, and present no workflow changes or interruptions -just improvements - to personnel.
This will enable computing systems to reduce energy requirements by ten-fold to a hundred-fold in military applications ranging from hand-held computing devices to unmanned air vehicles.
Computational power is highly addictive and so we are optimistically looking forward to the future of quantum computing systems," he said.
Computing System Innovations (CSI) is a privately owned and operated corporation with headquarters in Orlando, Florida, and a research and development office in Austin, Texas.
The services provided by Innovative Computing Systems will get the OpenDNS product up and running very quickly, protecting the networks and mobile devices of law firms vulnerable to attackers seeking valuable client data.
International researchers and practitioners discuss current trends in distributed computing systems and consider possible future directions.
The Arches Computing Systems Arches-MPI technology presents a familiar programming environment to application developers for heterogeneous embedded computing systems such as the Xilinx ACP.
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (25th: 2005: Columbus, OH)
Linux Networx provides proven cluster computing systems that deliver maximum sustained performance and high return on investment to our customers.
SAN DIEGO -- Verari Systems[TM], the premier developer of powerful, platform-independent blade computing systems, today announced Verari Command Center[TM] 3.
Through this, the AHPCRC is also supporting the Defense Science Board's Task Force on Supercomputing recommendation related to the development and acquisition of high-end computing systems with improved processor to global memory latency and bandwidth for critical defense applications.
This architecture allows multiple microprocessors to be applied in parallel to larger data processing tasks in delivering NCR's open cooperative computing systems.
The MAG Unit specializes in the design, manufacturing, logistics, and support for custom mobile computing systems, command and control systems, and communications systems to support the needs of this unique vertical segment.
Historically, TACC has deployed tightly coupled parallel computing systems with tens to a few hundred processors connected by high-speed dedicated networks.
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