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It is noteworthy not only for posing a question that has inspired decades of research in AI but also in defending the very idea that computing machines could do more than simply compute with numbers and in suggesting avenues to pursue in building a thinking machine.
n], IP is an IP system computing machine and P is a P system computing machine without immunity.
In the research study, an innovative Digital Computing Model using GSF has been developed and important applications of GSF such as effective medicine dosage, digital signal processing, binary-decimal conversion, performance of computing machine, and bacterium's partition process have been provided in detail.
As a kind of scientific and high performance computing machine, Beowulf is usually built out of commodity hardware components which are connected by a private high speed network, and runs on a free source code and modular design kernel software operating system like FreeBSD and Linux.
His partner, the engineering ramrod for the Eniac project, John Presper Eckert, once explained that Mauchly's "goal was to forecast the weather, and it was only incidental that he found out there was just no computing machine that existed that would handle all this voluminous stuff.
has formed a new company focusing Adaptive Computing Machine Technology on mobile communications.
So mathematical software started appearing again with the approach that had been used in earlier times: computing machine epsilon as needed by executing a loop like while (1 + [Epsilon] [is greater than] 1) {[Epsilon] = [Epsilon]/2}.
Its designer also says that it is a new type of computing machine (cf.
Amid an ocean of numbering conventions for tech products nowadays, Microsoft, for some reason, refused to attach '5' to its latest computing machine.
Charles Babbage had grand plans for a computing machine a century earlier (and even he had precursors).
After quitting the NPL, he joined the Computing Machine Laboratory and designed the Ferranti Mark I, which is considered to be the first electronic digital computer to be commercially available.
Officials at Tehran's Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), which will display the computing machine, said that the Iranian supercomputer is capable of processing data and carrying out computations in an array of fields.
The Olive Zipbook is intended to give to users "not only the ideal mobile broadband experience as the technology is expected to deliver, but also a versatile and powerful computing machine.
Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Institute made international headlines for devising a programmable computing machine on the molecular level from DNA and attendant enzymes.
Charles Bennett of IBM has defined this amount of thinking a computing machine has to do to generate a printout as "depth.
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