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is a fabless semiconductor company formed to create silicon based on Adaptive Computing Machine technology to enable "works anywhere" communication devices.
Von Neumann realized that Turing had achieved the goal of defining the notion of universal computing machine, and went on to think about practical implementations of this theoretical computer," writes Miguel Angel Martln-Delgado of Universidad Complutense in Madrid in a recent paper (arxiv.
And at MasPar, he led the debugger and tools software group, and was the architect of MPPE, a GUI-based source-level debugger for a massively parallel computing machine.
Ralph Haines, VP Engineering of QuickSilver Technology said, "Our Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM) is primarily used in handheld, mobile, and wireless products that require small area ICs with high performance and low power consumption.
First, the Adapt2000(TM) ACM System Platform (Adapt2000) is a revolutionary, all-software approach to incorporating the silicon capability of disparate, conventional integrated circuit (IC) technologies -- ASIC, DSP, FPGA, and microprocessor -- within a single IC, an Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM).
a fabless chip company developing an Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM).
Manchester University has a rich tradition of innovation; Alan Turing created the worlds first computing machine in the '50's which laid the foundation for todays computers.
Cummins, a technology visionary, moves into the role of planning the Company's long-range strategy, where he is now afforded the opportunity to focus on future innovative technologies and applications that will drive the use of its Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM) from the early adopter category to mainstream volume products.
It was named for John Presper Eckert and John William Mauchly, who collaborated on the design and construction of the first large scale electronic computing machine, known as ENIAC - the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, in 1947.
QuickSilver, the leader of adaptive computing technology, today announced breakthrough performance that exceeds the ASIC gold standard for today's computing technologies -- three times that of an ASIC -- for the first silicon test chip of its new integrated circuit (IC) technology, the Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM).
Focused on the company's aggressive technology and product plans, Cox will lead the delivery and market adoption of QuickSilver Technology's Adaptive Computing Machine (ACM), a revolutionary, flexible, and highly efficient IC that is the enabling technology and computing platform for the rapid advancement of mobile computing, wireless communications, and mobile commerce.
QuickSilver's first initiative is the design and development of the adaptable computing machine (ACM) for use in next generation wireless/mobile handsets.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Digital Gaussmeter,Dc Regulated Power,Hi-Speed Desktop Computing Machine
Fewer greater disservices have been done in the past to innovations of man than the coining of the phrase 'electronic brain' to describe a computing machine.
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