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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures

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Greener Computing Now Possible Through the Clouds 15
To understand the ideal attributes of storage for grids, it is important to look at the way grid computing operates.
The graduate MIS computing courses can be grouped into the following three broad categories: (1) general computing courses, (2) advanced computing courses, and (3) special projects.
The general idea of computing as a service or utility has been around in various forms for more than 40 years, with such variations as rime sharing, computing bureaus, hosting services, centralized mainframes and ASPs, according to an article in Optimize magazine.
The emerging excitement over utility computing stands in stark contrast to the dismal current picture for co-location and managed services providers," Martorelli says.
Through this horizontal scaling, Sun Grid Engine software manages an organization's compute resources, allowing engineers to move beyond the desktop and leverage all the resources available on the net, thus reducing cycle times, speeding time to market and fundamentally changing the economics of technical computing.
Low latency is critical for advanced applications such as distributed computing and synchronization of high availability systems.
This trend applies pressure to the storage systems used to support these I/O-hungry applications, and has prompted a wave of new storage solutions based on the same scale-out approach as cluster computing.
Utility computing is one way to address the incongruity between the business importance of strategic IT vs.
Extending the life of existing CompactPCI systems with new products from Continuous Computing utilizing Intel multi-core processors - which can double the performance available in previous-generation products - is a great choice for many carriers and telecom equipment manufacturers.
But Sun's Tony Siress, senior director of Advanced Services, doesn't like the usual electrical grid analogy for utility computing.
Companies like Mavenir and Continuous Computing are wise to work together in an effort to rapidly deploy customized IMS and NGN infrastructure.
It is easy to understand why the concept of utility computing has become latest trend in Information Technology.
Continuous Computing has selected RMI's XLR Processor architecture based on its unique multi-core, multi-threaded, power-efficient design.
Cluster computing has forever altered the landscape of High Performance Computing (HPC).
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