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Synonyms for computerize

provide with computers

control a function, process, or creation by a computer

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It states that 101,716 people received forms for computerizing manual arm licenses in Sukkur and only 58, 834 people submitted it after fulfilling all formalities.
2, Computerizing the Uniform CPA Examination--Issues, Strategies and Policies: An Update, describes the critical need to change the content of the CPA examination and the strategies and policies for converting the exam to a computer-based test.
In the March/April issue of NURSING HOMES last year, top executives of three leading software vendors offered advice on how to get started with computerizing OBRA's mandated care planning process.
The need for managerial control over every phase of computerizing tax departments is critical to the ultimate success of the system.
Through an international network of strategicpartners, Soft Solutions are able to implement truly effective solutions for any organization that wishes to benefit from the proven advantages of computerizing asset and maintenance management.
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