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provide with computers

control a function, process, or creation by a computer

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Sources told that doctors examine the patients and then forward the messages to respective branch through computer for conducting computerized X-RAY, ECG and other tests.
To a query why no action was taken against license holders who did not submit forms for computerized arm licenses, Sharfuddin said that a mechanism would be formed with the cooperation of police and NADRA officials to take action against them.
Taxpayers must provide, at the time of an examination, the resources that the IRS deems necessary to process computerized books and records.
Effects of computerized guidelines for managing heart disease in primary care: A randomized controlled trial.
Lawrence works with the Integrated Computerized Deployment System and Williams is chief of operations, Personal Property.
Computerized assessment is cheaper and quicken Bruce says computerized assessments will halve the cost of testing (one source puts the cost at $1 for every computerized test versus $5 for every test graded by a human) mid free up teachers from grading hundreds of essays each year.
The report provides an overview of the function and use of computerized disease registries, and outlines issues for consideration in obtaining registry software and integrating them into routine work of physician practices.
By asking test candidates questions that simulate actual business situations and giving them access to various online databases, the computerized exam is much more realistic than the paper-and-pencil test was, and it can adapt quickly to changes in the business environment.
Youngstown State University was one of the schools chosen to participate in a study by the AICPA to gauge students' and educators' reaction to the computerized exam and tutorial.
Domtar's McChesney sawmill operation in Timmins expects to maintain its cutting edge by bringing its fully computerized edger optimizer equipment on line this April.
If you have a penchant for writing; knowledge of accounting, auditing or taxation; and an awareness of the desired skill set for entry level CPAs--the AICPA/NASBA team that is developing the computerized Uniform CPA Exam has a job for you.
The key is a set of computerized algorithms he devised that enables an overlay the size of a wheelchair cushion to adjust to resident motion.
To meet this challenge, new computerized tools are available that can prove invaluable in the assessment of current conditions and establishment of maintenance requirements and schedules.
If records are to survive and be useful in supporting the functions of a public organization, ensuring the rights of citizens, and preserving a cultural record of the past, then records professionals in developing countries need to be engaged in the global discussion of how best to capture, manage, and preserve computerized information over time.
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