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the control of processes by computer

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In his 1994 article "Reading `all about' computerization," Rob Kling provides a detailed description of "how genre conventions shape nonfiction social analysis" (p.
Ironically, with all the attention being paid to the CPR in terms of establishing adequate protection for patients, computerization of patient records may well improve what has too often become a poorly protected right - the right of a person to simply be left alone.
With or without computerization, they can be integrated with other quality control tests, providing another measurement of the integrity of a foundry's castings.
The Director of Information Technology Department at the Ministry of Finance Khalid Mohamed Ahmed Al-Shain considered the wage computerization as a positive step towards building e-government project more accurately basing on the reality of real data as well as taking advantage of the time wasted by the workers in the queues to earn their wages.
The petitioners through their counsel Hafiz Tariq Nasim pleaded that they were inducted on contract basis under a project known as Computerization of Crime Investigation Department.
computerization of selected internal processes and agendas town council b?
PESHAWAR -- The process of computerization of land and revenue records in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was underway in most of the districts while the process of digitalization of land revenue records in Mardan district has been completed and expected to be inaugurated in coming week, an official of Land and Revenue Department said on Wednesday.
Heard a progress report on computerization of the Uniform CPA Examination.
Computerization has led to rapid and dynamic changes in the way organizations operate, and the strategies adopted for integrating and managing paper and electronic records are changing over time as well.
The application of the latest computerization and electronic technologies were evident in most of the equipment being displayed.
UCLA may be one of the most ambitious but is far from the only area college diving into Information Age technology for education, spurred by the Internet explosion of the past few years, said Kenneth Green of the Campus Computing Project, which surveys computerization by about 650 colleges.
Policies and procedures: Computerization allows standardization of specific policies and procedures throughout all the organization's sites or facilities.
New practice modes, the changing of the traditional audit, more precise measurement standards for continuing professional education, computerization of the Uniform CPA Examination and adoption of the Uniform Accountancy Act were among the critical issues state boards of accountancy were urged to consider by speakers at the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy's 88th annual meeting, in Atlanta.
Computerization has not only impacted monument manufacturers, but has also led to improvements for monument designers and retailers.
For instance, a routing card printed by the system could be a second level of computerization after the basic scheduling and control are in place.
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