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Synonyms for computerize

provide with computers

control a function, process, or creation by a computer

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The computerisation process is being taken with the assistant of the World Bank.
The Minister said that the Scheme has been declared as a Mission Mode Project (MMP) by the Government with National Informatics Centre (NIC) as the technical partner to provide technical support to the States/UTs for computerisation of the TPDS.
He said that the Justice Ministry is interested in the computerisation field, as the Ministry is preparing for computerisation and electronically managing legal issues in the future.
In the conference today the level of preparation for implementation of the National Food Security Act which include status of measures taken for identification of eligible households, issuance of ration cards, door-steps delivery of foodgrains, availability of storage facilities and digitisation of beneficiary data, computerisation of supply chain management, setting up of transparency portal and grievance redressal mechanism, was reviewed in detail in 25 States/UTs which have yet to implement the Act.
LAHORE -- Project Director Land Record Computerisation and Senior Member Board of Revenue, Sami Saeed, has said the revolutionary project of computerisation of land record will eliminate corruption and Patwari culture.
Ye Li, chairman of Zhongyuan, Cisco's integration partner for CNFN, said: "Enhancing the computerisation of financial and banking sectors is increasingly important in China as customers are demanding more value-added services with higher quality.
Contract notice: 15/2015 comprehensive computerisation spzoz-zzloiz in makow mazowiecki.
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