computer virus

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a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer


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First, it's helpful to understand what a computer virus is.
This means that in order to hold someone liable under the current legislation for any damages associated with the transferring of a computer virus, it is necessary to show that they intentionally transferred the computer virus.
And getting a computer virus has become much easier than before.
A computer virus is a program that can infect other programs by modifying them to include a copy of itself.
For example, one survey found that more than 70 percent of the responding companies had lost work hours because of a computer virus," she reports.
Introducing a computer virus might fulfill the need for revenge because it can cause significant damage to the company with little chance of the perpetrator's getting caught.
Here are several precautions you can take to prevent computer virus attacks, but they all boil down to one thing: Isolate your machine.
Nova University and Error Not Isolate Particular Computer Virus A hardware-induced computer virus could potentially affect 25 million microcomputers, according to a recent discovery by researchers at Nova University and ErrorNot Corporation.
Federal and state authorities are investigating the illegal infiltration of the movie circuit's IT system and the surreptitious insertion of a malicious computer virus into the circuit's IT system late afternoon on Friday, May 5th.
TITLE: Computer Virus Attack: Defending Against Viruses and Hackers
Originating in the Philippines, the malicious ILOVEYOU computer virus swept around the world in early May, infecting and shutting down hundreds of thousands of electronic-mail and computer systems.
There are ocher costs, too, says Rob Rosenberger, Web master of the Computer Virus Myths Home Page (http://kumite.
CompuServe also has a forum devoted to helping users cope with viruses -- the Computer Virus Help Forum.
The section on procedures to reduce the computer virus threat is must reading for those in information processing.
When survey participants were asked what worries them about downloading software, music, movies or games from the Internet without paying, the top responses given were fear of downloading a computer virus (63 percent), downloading spyware (52 percent) and getting in trouble with the law (49 percent).
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