computer technology

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the activity of designing and constructing and programming computers

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Assignments in SOM 210 and other core courses were designed to facilitate learning activities to acquire computer technology skills, effective information research, and business decision-making strategies.
School counselors can use computer technology to retrieve and disseminate information involving students, parents, and others (McLellan, 1999).
replaytvcom), uses Internet and computer technology to help viewers catch their favorite shows.
As computer technology advances, prices will continue to drop on the hardware components that run coaching-related software.
Prentice further stated, "This order has additional significance for Applied Computer Technology in that it provides a steady flow of revenues for the last 6 months of the year and into 1999.
As with any other crime, the elements of a computer-related offense must be established for successful prosecution, not a particularly easy task in light of the nature of computer technology.
Its policies must reflect a recognition that coping with these distinct areas remains an agency responsibility and that successful adaptation of computer technology will involve all three.
Computer technology also has a place in intentional learning of vocabulary by serving as a multipurpose tool for direct instruction.
In responding to the award, Bud Prentice, President & CEO of Applied Computer Technology said, "We are once again pleased to have the opportunity to provide computers to the U.
One of the day's hot topics was computer technology - or a lack of it.
67 per chargeable hour on computer technology, which includes hardware, software and training.
amp; SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- HealthTrio and Advanced Computer Technology (ACT) announced that the HealthTrio xpress(TM) core administrative system was selected by Administracion de Compensaciones por Accidentes de Automoviles (ACAA).
Under the terms of the contract, all Colorado State agencies, institutions, universities, and political subdivisions can purchase computers from Applied Computer Technology and other contract awardees.
X-Rite (NASDAQ:XRIT) has announced new support from Wasatch Computer Technology for key X-Rite color measurement solutions.
Unlike some of the other companies named by Microsoft in this morning's release, Applied Computer Technology manufactures PCs on a large-scale, customized basis, for "Best in Class," performance- driven customers.
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