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a store that sells computers to the small businessperson or personal user

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Several antivirus software programs (costing between $30 and $60 each), available in computer stores, locate and remove viruses from your computer.
To find these system operators, or SysOps as they are called, agency personnel can check the technology section of the local newspaper and talk to managers of computer stores.
Meanwhile the theft of the photos has angered readers of the paper, who demanded that the computer store be named and shamed and the government take action to close any loophole allowing the shop to steal personal photographs.
Out of all that work came the Writer's Computer Store, selling both computers and all the software that screenwriters and other scribes might want, along with classes to explain how to use all this newfangled tech.
The NIH Electronic Computer Store contract is a firm-fixed-price, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award procurement to supply the Department of Health and Human Services.
com, a Portland-based online technology support network, announced a new agreement authorizing the Computer Store to become the first reseller of TechTracker Pro(TM), a personalized software tracking and update service for Macintosh users.
com), Apple retail stores, CompUSA, The Computer Store, MacZones and other catalogs and retail outlets.
The Computer Store hosts the Macintosh Business Expo twice each year throughout the Northwest.
Micro Warehouse will provide Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware and software products, as well as services, maintenance, training, installation, and documentation through the NIH Electronic Computer Store.
Because of the increased risk of viruses and inappropriate material presented in both spam e-mails and pop-up ad windows, Panicware has seen a huge increase in both Internet and retail computer store sales.
Our approach to retailing the Quill Mouse intentionally avoids merchandising it in the general computer store to a public weary of 'ergonomic hype.
All you have to do is walk into any computer store and you will know what confusion really means.
Investigators have said the crime scene outside Scruttons' computer store produced little usable evidence.
When the consumer had problems with a bootleg copy of Windows XP Pro that was installed on it, they took it to a local computer store and found that the laptop they purchased was stolen from that store two weeks prior.
The computer store industry includes video game stores.
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