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a screen used to display the output of a computer to the user

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The animals viewed four objects presented one at a time on a computer screen, after which the screen briefly went blank and a single item appeared.
Customers can select three to six photos of any sort - family, pets, parents, friends or scenery - they would like to appear on their computer screen.
provides a simple one-button screen sharing service that lets users instantly show their live PC or Mac computer screen to anyone online.
Most of the projectors are being used for multimedia presentations and for projecting computer screens, but the numbers in the study indicate that televisions and VCRs are still being used for movies.
The youngsters also performed a visual task by indicating as quickly as possible when dots moving in clusters across a computer screen reversed direction.
The world's biggest toy and computer chip makers - Mattel and Intel - have combined recently to make the QX3 computer microscope, which lets children create slides for the microscope, then send the picture to their computer screen for viewing and analysis, report-making and more.
The key benefit of the boards, say school teachers and technology directors, is that they can act as computer screens allowing teachers to move through Internet-based lessons without having to leave the front of the room.
Upon finding a match for a letter shown on a computer screen, the animal pressed a key.
This week, pupils at Skyblue Mesa Elementary School in Saugus are raising money by creating and selling the computer screen savers, made from scanned personal photos or from pictures taken from the school's digital camera and saved to disks.
The keystroke wireless upload feature allows text to be transmitted from a host computer by pointing the device at the computer screen and pressing a button.
Such graphics may be able to restore on the computer screen the damaged areas of artworks.
fluctuated on the computer screen, line after line popping up to show the buy and sell prices offered by faceless traders hoping to make a buck.
A computer screen displays the activities and prompts patients to move in ways that strengthen their shoulders, elbows, and hands.
The researchers manipulated the color and brightness of objects on a computer screen to activate either rods or red-sensitive cones but never the blue-sensitive cones, Gegenfurtner says.
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