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suitable for feeding directly into a computer

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25) As an example: A computer readable medium containing programming instructions for downloading transactional data from a server to a client computer comprising: obtaining a first input from said client computer; obtaining a response from said server based upon said first input; and completing the transaction by combining said first input and said response resulting in the delivery of audio files to said client computer.
Certain steps are required to ensure that the software meets the current examination guidelines of the USPTO, such as ensuring that the software or data structure is operated upon by a computer processor, or is stored on a computer readable media.
The coordinates can be recorded on a computer readable medium, or are part of a video memory, where they can be used as part of a system for studying for studying TACE.
A software licence, generally, only grants use of the object code (that part of the software which is translated into a computer readable form).
Electronic audits can also increase the percentage of the taxpayer population audited, maximize the efficiencies related to statistical sampling, streamline the detailed review of all records for an audit period and instantly access records in a computer readable format.
ABSTRACT: A method, system and computer readable medium for facilitating interactive electronic commerce transactions over an electronic commerce network between a plurality of sellers and a plurality of buyers via an independent service provider.
On August 21, 2012, Patent 8,249,919 for Computer Readable Medium Product Label Apparatus and Method (the "'919 Patent") was officially issued to increase eTAGZ's portfolio of patents related to attaching digital media (e.
Once again, DNS translates the domain name of the email address into computer readable form.
Digimarc for Images enables Adobe Scene7 customers to easily embed persistent computer readable information directly into their digital assets to improve image asset management by communicating content ownership and identifying where images are being used online.
15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Dow Jones & Company today announced the expansion of its award-winning algorithmic trading solution, the Dow Jones Elementized News Feed, adding first-of-its-kind public company data in a computer readable format.
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