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This is where this computer program comes into play.
the permanent or temporary reproduction of a computer program by any means and in any form, in part or in whole; in so far as loading, displaying, running, transmission or storage of the computer program necessitate such reproduction, such acts shall be subject to authorisation by the rightholder;
They added the kimono on the day of the competition, making final adjustments to their robot's computer program to accommodate the costume.
Additionally, Notice 2005-90 provides guidance on the requirement that the back-to-back computer program licensing arrangement be in the "ordinary course of the licensor's and licensee's respective trades or businesses.
But computer programs that use AI have come out of the laboratory and down from the big screen, and, in all likelihood, they are already in some classrooms in your district.
As for whether computer-implementable inventions have a technical character, the Commission believes that all computer programs are by definition technical, because a computer is a machine.
Grad emphasizes the importance of treating the computer program as an activity, rather than a technology, to generate and maintain interest.
It was still like I was killing my father, but the process and the computer program helped put it in a light you can live with.
The tangible assets of a dot-com are generally a computer program and a Web address.
The threat follows American investigations which claim Israel is a major center for music and computer program piracy.
A well-designed computer program should entice the beginner with enough useful effects to make him or her want to spend time exploring its more powerful features.
The simple computer program enables users to compare four buildings and does the math for all the available benefits and lease comparisons.
Reliance on a result-oriented computer program removes the most important element from the process--appraiser judgment.
Using basic operating and cost data gathered from foundrymen and related to practical cast metal economics and manufacturing, the computer program incorporates many practical and some often overlooked suggestions to aid in the
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