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specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of stepper motors, servo motors, DC brushless motors, customized motor assemblies and complete system assembly for the automotive, medical, office, computer peripheral and security surveillance fields.
The company serves a variety of industries and markets including computers, computer peripherals, wireless communications, electronic consumer and industrial markets.
The Scent Dome(TM) is a serial port/USB computer peripheral device that receives commands from custom software called the Scent Design Studio (SDS)(TM) Software and is designed to release different fragrances and flavor aromas triggered by computer code embedded in the software which can be attached to e-mail, e-books, Web pages, and other digital content.
Intel will continue evolving the PC, with an emphasis on wireless connectivity to make it easier for people to connect to their favorite computer peripherals.
a 17-year old company, is a leading national distributor of computer peripheral and consumer electronics for personal and professional use that are sold to resellers throughout the United States.
Providing a range of services supporting the performance of all computers and computer peripherals by monthly visit to the address of the Contracting Authority for inspection and maintenance of computers and peripherals; - Elimination of specific technical problems, incl.
TEAC Corporation's major businesses include Computer Peripherals, Measurement, Communication, Video and Mass Storage Products, Professional Audio Products and Consumer Audio Products.
com/reports/c91262) has announced the addition of China Computer Peripherals Industry Report, 2007-2008 to their offering.
Tenders are invited for supply of computer, laptop, survillance system and computer peripherals for npcil, bhavnagar office.
com/reports/c91226) has announced the addition of "China Computer Peripherals Industry Report, 2007-2008" to their offering.
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