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an elementary operation that a computer is designed and built to perform

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Under the agreement KDDI will supply Nasdaq Japan with a fully redundant high-tech computer operations facility and with a data centre that will also house market surveillance technology and serve as the telecomms hub for Nasdaq Japan's new high-speed network scheduled for completion in 3Q'2001.
Under the plan, most of the separate computer operations of the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department would be transferred to the city's Information Technology Agency over the next five years.
She brings to AG New England over 20 years of experience in computer operations and customer help desk support.
A strong intervention plan is necessary to avoid a catastrophic disruption in an organization's computer operations on January 1, 2000.
The building has huge floorplates, great for computer operations, disaster-recovery or back-office operations.
Bradley Jones was named accounting and computer operations manager at Tri-star Plastics.
In as basic, non-technical language as possible the reader is taken trough the various components of a computer operations system.
Hay, who works for former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg and oversaw his computer operations during his mayoral campaign, said he became active with the blog after Hertzberg's defeat in the primary election.
I saw a huge opportunity for a fashion company to get its computer operations in shape and use them to gain a competitive advantage," Cangemi says.
Schwartz's son Allan is the Managing Partner and his son-in-law, Alex Weiner, a computer consultant who also manages computer operations for the firm.
Late last week, the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore approved plans for Hubble to photograph Saturn in early November, says Rodger Doxsey, the institute's chief of computer operations.
Since he first joined the company nearly 50 years ago, going on to serve as leader of HP's early computer operations, an executive at HP Labs and ultimately as a director, we have benefited from Tom's business insights and understanding of technology.
The city's Information Technology Agency, which oversees most computer operations as well as the cable television industry, has made changes since the completion of the audits that criticized many of the agency's practices.
In considering the computer aspects of the control environment, the auditor should focus on such factors as management's involvement in setting and monitoring computer operations policies, testing programs changes or controlling access to programs and data files.
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