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an elementary operation that a computer is designed and built to perform

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Officials with the three departments said they were working on merging many of the computer operations.
Under terms of the agreement, Handleman will transfer its central computer operations from its data center in Troy to a Genix data center in Dearborn.
During his first year on the job, Cangemi's division brought the company's system up to speed by upgrading its internal computer operations and by building the necessary connections in its computer system to allow it to dial into the two major national EDI networks, run by GE and IBM, and to pull down orders from the major department stores that are its customers.
Genix is one of the top 10 computer operations management firms in the country, according to INPUT, a market research firm focused on the information technology services industry.
EST on CNBC, the independently produced television program "Profiles of America" will examine this trend with the help of The Genix Group, one of the country's top 10 computer operations management firms with data centers in Dearborn, Mich.
In considering the computer aspects of the control environment, the auditor should focus on such factors as management's involvement in setting and monitoring computer operations policies, testing programs changes or controlling access to programs and data files.
The program, commonly termed a "virus" but more accurately described in computer jargon as a "worm," invaded more than 6,000 computers linked by ARPANET and other data communications networks, disrupting computer operations at numerous universities and research centers.
Large operators have the financial resources to make large investments in facilities and efficient computer operations, and have cross-marketing opportunities.
The major initial cost of $16 million was for the Information Technology Agency, which oversees the computer operations of the city.
5 million square-foot complex, which has been owned and occupied by IBM since 1955, will be purchased by the State of New York for consolidation of its computer operations.
on CNBC: The NBC Cable Television Network the program, "Profiles of America," will examine this trend with the help of The Genix Group, one of the country's top 10 computer operations management firms with data centers in Dearborn, Mich.
However, using the same links, they can destroy or alter a rival's data, eavesdrop on private communications or pass on insidious computer programs capable of proliferating like viruses, overwhelming networks and taking over computer operations.
Photo: Front to back, Joe Mesina, senior computer operator; Don Seymore, senior operations consultant; and Frank Robles, an operator in the computer operations department, monitor the network system at 20th Century Insurance in Woodland Hills.
When sags, surges and impulse activities constantly occur, they become detrimental to computer operations and to the useful life of equipment.
1 million customers in more than 500 communities throughout Michigan; for Citizens Gas Fuel Company, a Michigan natural gas utility; and for MCN Investment Corporation, which owns subsidiaries in the gas services, computer operations services and natural gas technology businesses.
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