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a device that displays signals on a computer screen

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The Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative has announced the winners of its Global Efficiency Medal competition for the world's most energy- efficient computer monitors.
Greg Cooper, deputy director of consumer programs for the DEP, said each computer monitor contains about four pounds of lead that can leach into the ground of a landfill or a stream along a road where somebody who does not want to pay for proper disposal drops one off, frequently under the cover of darkness.
When Young visits an office, she determines whether the lighting there causes glare, whether there is enough of it, whether it is spread evenly over the workspace and whether light shines directly in workers' eyes or on computer monitors.
The aforementioned image of a computer monitor in Complete System, is arranged with a still-glossy black plastic stereo stacked on an Amazon.
Then a silver and black 17 inch Samsung computer monitor, worth pounds 350, was taken.
5) Keep screen wipes handy in a desk drawer so your computer monitor stays dust-free.
Editor/photographer Janet Norwood shoots two Harleysville employees intently studying information on a computer monitor within a cubicle.
Now glowing before us each morning on our computer monitors is the unpleasant industrial by-product of our age: information pollution, cybersludge clogging our global information flows and our minds with useless, pointless, even malicious data at a cost to the information industry that can be measured as surely as the grounding of an oil-tanker or water contamination from a chemical plant.
Uncorrected vision, poor computer monitor design, workplace ergonomics and a visually demanding job can contribute to the development of eye problems.
But this morning, they came back and took a computer monitor.
Photo: (1 -- 2 -- color) Top, Derek Thomas reacts as he picks up a computer monitor during the electronic recycling event held Saturday in Newbury Park.
At a Bioelectromagnetics; Society meeting earlier this year, Liburdy presented laboratory data indicating that 12 mG magnetic fields from a computer monitor, which have a slightly different wave-form than those associated with home wiring or many appliances, also erase the antiproliferative action of a hormone--in this case, melatonin.
1, 2005, anyone who purchases an electronic device containing a CRT (cathode my tube) or flat-panel display, such as a television or computer monitor, will pay a fee to cover recycling costs.
The end product is a television, in a new casing, which also has a computer monitor input jack, on-board DVD player, speakers and video games.
It uses a 35-inch screen modified to display text as sharply as a computer monitor.
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