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(computer science) a list of options available to a computer user

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As the students mastered the drawing tool bar, the other functions in the computer menu were introduced.
It is not clear which came first, the seductive theoretical vocabulary or the technology that supports it, but indeterminacy, deferral, and desire are all available on the computer menu.
My computer menu, for instance, even lists icons to show the symbols I can use.
The answer is a computer menu system from which users pick options and scroll through more than 2,200 screens.
This is important because when many people call in, our computer menu allows us to allocate lines on a non-dedicated connection basis.
The partnership's vision of future entertainment, which would do away with traditional retail inventory, boasts of computers with extensive digital files thousands of miles away sending electronic impulses to machines in-house that would copy movies or CDs the customer selects from a computer menu at a kiosk in the store.
Rather than watching an anchor "present" the stories in a formal newscast, viewers in the near future may use a computer menu to select the specific news videos they want to see.
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