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Traditionally, there are two types of computer memory devices.
The market for equipment that makes computer memory has faced an inventory glut this year, sparking a steep decline in average selling prices for the memory chip widely used in personal computers.
The company, with a computer memory chip plant in west Eugene and memory chip plants in South Korea, needs to spend heavily on technology to keep up with rivals.
Peripheral Enhancements Corporation manufacturers a complete line of computer memory and digital media upgrades under its EDGE Brand.
Founded on the concept of making computer memory upgrades easy for the everyday consumer, Crucial.
They also deny a second charge of evading duty on the importation of computer memory chips.
com, a San Jose, California based online computer memory retailer, aims to become one of the most proactively eco-friendly memory retailers in North America over the course of 2008.
But this system, using an electric field plus irradiation, has advantages of an ordinary computer memory and an optical disk.
PHILADELPHIA -- When the Federal Aviation Administration needed to upgrade computer memory in the 1,500 servers that control the nation's air traffic, it could have turned to manufacturers in Europe, Korea, China, or Japan.
is to store the prohibited words in a form that occupies much less computer memory than a conventional dictionary.
Whether it's Apple computer memory, Dell computer memory, Compaq computer memory, or whatever you need, Memory Giant will help you find it.
When scanners find a vee, they position a computer "mouse' over it and punch a code, and the vee's location is recorded in a computer memory.
In addition to computer memory, you can also find memory for digital cameras, laptops, and MP3 players, as well as hard drives and other upgrades.
Improvements are being made in the computer programs used to compare the sequences of the components that make up proteins and DNA, decreasing both the time and computer memory required to search for similarities, reports William R.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Scientists from IBM, Macronix and Qimonda today announced joint research results that give a major boost to a new type of computer memory with the potential to be the successor to flash memory chips, which are widely used in computers and consumer electronics like digital cameras and portable music players.
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