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A computer memory upgrade, on average, can take approximately five minutes.
We've invented a new device that may revolutionize computer memory," said Paul Franzon, co-author of the paper describing the research.
After piling up losses of $10 billion over four years and averting bankruptcy through a creditor-led bailout, Hynix has sold assets to focus on making computer memory chips, a global market that researcher Gartner Inc.
Peripheral Enhancements Corporation was founded in 1986 and is an ISO 9002-certified manufacturer of computer memory products.
com is a leading online retailer specializing in computer memory (RAM) upgrades and solid state drives (SSD), and is an online destination of Micron Technology, Inc.
They were pretending it was something much cheaper than computer memory chips.
Chris Mentzel, Chairman and CEO of Speedlane commented, "The agreement with KAD represents the single largest contract that we have entered into for computer memory components.
Computer memory is an inherently environmentally unfriendly product.
is developing an innovative nonvolatile type of computer memory that will be more reliable, faster and require less power than any type of memory currently available.
PHILADELPHIA -- When the Federal Aviation Administration needed to upgrade computer memory in the 1,500 servers that control the nation's air traffic, it could have turned to manufacturers in Europe, Korea, China, or Japan.
OTC Bulletin Board: DMEM), a Sarasota, Florida based computer memory upgrade company, announced it has reduced annual overhead costs by $450,000 as the result of the recent sale of its West coast operation.
Improvements are being made in the computer programs used to compare the sequences of the components that make up proteins and DNA, decreasing both the time and computer memory required to search for similarities, reports William R.
Whether it's Apple computer memory, Dell computer memory, Compaq computer memory, or whatever you need, Memory Giant will help you find it.
We have implemented the organizational restructuring necessary to succeed in a computer memory market that has been transformed from a value-added, specialty product market into a commodity type, lower-margin business.
These pairs have been proposed as the most dense computer memory yet," Humphrey says.
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