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We're delighted to have been the first large cable provider to join NAMIC in this effort, and we will work both at the national and the local levels to help the Digital Bridge Project increase computer literacy in these communities.
Intending to fashion a more general computer literacy curriculum, the course was taught by a team of four teachers from computer science, journalism, and the library to reflect a broad range of computer applications.
The foundation, Verizon Communications' philanthropic arm, is seeking grant proposals focused on computer literacy programs targeted to underserved communities in West Virginia.
Does anyone actually believe that elementary school students building interdisciplinary virtual reality games would somehow be deficient in computer literacy skills?
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Video Professor, the leader in computer tutorial lessons has announced a donation of five thousand copies of its popular "Get Started with Your PC" lesson to the Chickasaw Nation Computer Literacy Project.
Students in the parks component are enrolled in math, reading, writing and computer literacy classes at the ExxonMobil Academy at El Centro College.
By ISLAMABAD, March 29, 2010 (Frontier Star): Owing to lack of interest being shown by people in Computer Literacy Centres setup in capital's rural areas, the administration of Islamabad has stated mulling to hand over these centres to Education Department.
Students may help with homework, job training, computer literacy, arts and culture appreciation or assist seniors, said Calvin Naito of the CDC.
and the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) provides both full-service shopping for computer products and services and convenient testing centers for computer literacy skills in 75 locations nationwide.
MAOF's programs include child care and development, resource and referral, alternative payment programs, senior and disabled services, welfare to work employment services, youth programs, a food bank, financial literacy and computer literacy education.
5 million in financing and in- kind contributions to equip more than 1,500 Rwandan primary schools with computer hardware and software, and develop basic computer literacy in Rwandan teachers and students.
The computer ownership program enables parents who have children in the fourth grade at Pacoima Elementary School to enter a 60-hour computer literacy course.
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