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a programming language designed for use on a specific class of computers

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As president and CEO of The Computer Language Company, he is widely noted for his ability to make sense out of high-tech.
Source: Computer Language Company, Point Pleasant, PA, 215/297-8082; http://www.
According to Computer Language, the book contains a wealth of new ideas and techniques.
The application allows recruiters to use their own language skills instead of computer language jargon when searching for technical candidates.
The Computer Language Company is now shipping version 12.
Webmasters like Devick, who design and run a company's home page on the Internet, and programmers who know their way around COBOL, a decades-old computer language, are the hot tickets in tech jobs these days, and companies are falling over themselves to attract and retain employees with high-tech skills.
Written in the computer language C, running on a workstation and with only a four-piece database available for checking outcomes at the end of games, Chinook nevertheless won first place, defeating a number of other checker-playing computers.
XML, or extensible markup language, is a standard computer language that allows users to create tags for each piece of information on a Web page.
The Berlin Wall was being torn down and IDG was making publishing history with Gookin's book, demystifying the technical computer language of the MS-DOS computer operating system for thousands.
in Oxford, England, this special computer program translates statements written in Fortran 90 into the computer language C, which can then be transformed into instructions a computer understands.
XBRL is a subset of XML, a standard computer language that allows users to create tags for each piece of information on a Web page.
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