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a programming language designed for use on a specific class of computers

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As president and CEO of The Computer Language Company, he is widely noted for his ability to make sense out of high-tech.
CO: Halifax Corporation; Computer Language Research, Inc.
Brian Healy, Group Vice President, Finance and Administration, of Computer Language Research Inc.
The techniques Marsh has developed allow researchers to choose the computer language best suited for a given task instead of compromising on a single, less-than-optimal language for all the functions.
XML, or extensible markup language, is a standard computer language that allows users to create tags for each piece of information on a Web page.
The Berlin Wall was being torn down and IDG was making publishing history with Gookin's book, demystifying the technical computer language of the MS-DOS computer operating system for thousands.
Brian Healy, Group Vice President/Finance and Administration of Computer Language Research, 214-250-7000/
in Oxford, England, this special computer program translates statements written in Fortran 90 into the computer language C, which can then be transformed into instructions a computer understands.
XBRL is a subset of XML, a standard computer language that allows users to create tags for each piece of information on a Web page.
It's the computer language used to create the text and graphics of a page on the World Wide Web.
The popular computer language Java could expose Internet users to an unexpected risk - rogue programs that can take over a computer and cause it to crash.
Brian Healy, group vice president-finance and administration of Computer Language Research Inc.
One described a new computer language called FIRST (SN:5/8/82, p.
In the 21st century, insurers may have most of their information through automation in real time, and in cases where people are involved, they will have at their fingertips all the information they need to make a decision--in large part because of a developing computer language called XML.
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