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the manufacturers of computers considered collectively

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He said that Pakistan computer industry has the potential to produce even much better results provided the government comes up with a more viable policy for the growth of the industry.
Fred Moore, our storage editor-at-large, has clearly warned that electric power is the Achilles heel of the computer industry.
Written and edited by Alan Freedman, a 40-year veteran of the computer industry, the material is updated every quarter.
com recognizes the importance of standardizing information and exchange protocols to enable the computer industry to move sales online.
This strikes me as a baccarat table bet on the merger of PC and TV,'' said David Readerman, a computer industry analyst at Montgomery Securities in San Francisco.
The distinctions in hardware typically utilized for property management systems are beginning to become less defined as a result of technological developments in the computer industry, an industry in transition.
Cringely, whose real name is Mark Stephens, a reporter and gossip columnist at Infoworld, a computer industry trade magazine, should know that.
As journalists, storage has been our exclusive "beat" for many years, and we pride ourselves on having made CTR the leading source of inside information about storage across the entire computer industry.
Some segments of the computer industry and the cable television industry have lobbied the FCC to let the marketplace decide the technology.
The Computer Industry Almanac lists the countries with the most computers at year-end 1994 as shown below.
In addition, the company is launching the new model with the ability to configure it with up to 4096MB of DDR2 667Mhz memory, which is unheard of in the mobile computer industry.
Indeed, Microsoft seems to be showing growing strength across the board, as it moves to shift its business beyond the personal computer industry with entries into the Internet, publishing, multimedia, cinema and broadcast television.
Every episode also includes a summary of the latest computer industry news on "Random Access.
Virage Logic Chief Scientist Recognized for Leadership, Outstanding Diplomacy, Team Facilitation, and Joint Achievement in the Computer Industry
Under increasing pressure from Congress and the computer industry, the Clinton administration Friday proposed a series of new data-scrambling policy initiatives that it said would permit U.
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