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an authority on computers and computing

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In 2001, Joe Macchiaverna, a former designer and salesman for Tango Pools in Las Vegas, Nevada and Noah Nehlich, a computer guru also from Las Vegas, came up with a unique approach to computer-based pool design.
He has gathered ideas from MIT computer guru Marvin Minsky, popular astronomer Carl Sagan, Douglas Hofstadter (author of the mind-stretching best seller Godel, Escher, Bach), and other deep thinkers from Freud and William James to Alan Turing and B.
Charts and database information were designed by VP Sales/Marketing and chief computer guru Jim Martin from data collected and compiled by Traffic and Data Manager Celeste Barrett and checked for style and accuracy by Editor Debbie Cutler.
Jones is a movie producer and computer guru all in one.
A network administrator at Finance Factors and a general computer guru, Doi liked the idea and said, "Count me in.
The computer guru to whom you can always go when stumped or when your computer malfunctions.
Computer guru Bill Joy believes advances in computer technology could lead to our demise in the not too distant future.
Rick Georges, a computer guru and member of the Practice Management and Development Section executive council, was showing other council members his latest gadget.
Over the years, both my sisters have opted for the Ovulation Method in their marriages, one swelling the ranks of instructors and the other being our computer guru and helping to document the agency programs.
IT MAKES your heart sink to realise it, but when multi-billionaire computer guru Bill Gates launched Microsoft's Encarta World Dictionary, saying, ``One world, one dictionary'', he was probably revealing the truth.
If it is there and on all the time you would use it quite extensively,'' said the computer guru, who was in Britain on the fourth day of a European tour.
Whatever you use your PC for, chances are you can do it more productively, whether you're a computer guru or `net neophyte.
It always happens on a Friday night when the office computer guru has gone home: you're faced with a file whose suffix, extension, type name, whatever you call them locally, you've never seen before and you haven't the faintest idea what application will open it.
I thought about the future vis-a-vis the role I had played most of my career, the computer guru.
303), a National Research Council panel suggests that entire college curricula be modified to ensure that every graduate becomes a computer guru.
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