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an image that is generated by a computer


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To achieve this we had to link BRDF measurement and modelling on the one hand, and computer graphic rendering on the other.
Conversely, new ideas emerging from mathematical and scientific research enrich the world of computer graphics.
E[acute accent]ACM SIGGRAPH, the leading professional society for computer graphics and interactive techniques, sponsors SIGGRAPH 2006.
Throughout his career, Jos Stam has never stopped pushing the boundaries of the computer graphics industry," comments Peter Mehlstaeubler, Vice President of product development at Alias.
Softimage is the creative engine behind the Avid Computer Graphics toolset, and an integral player in Avid's Make, Manage and Move Media(TM) strategy.
SOFTIMAGE|XSI software is the creative engine behind the Avid Computer Graphics toolset, and an integral player in Avid's Make, Manage and Move Media(TM) strategy.
Computer graphics and 3D software imparts creativity and innovative ideas with the help of fresh talents.
In fact, Tan studied the theory in a computer graphics class when he attended university and now spends his days at BioWare translating character-speak into languages other than English.
Alias, Softimage and Side Effects--today's big three high-end computer animation packages--built their temples on the foundations laid by the National Film Board, and on the ruins of Omnibus Computer Graphics, a high-tech development company that collapsed in 1986.
For those with limited computer backgrounds who wish to use computer graphics in their design or artwork, this book will provide a firm understanding of the principles and hardware used to create realistic, three-dimensional images, scenes and animations.
pronounced FORGE), a new international computer graphics animation competition to be held at SIGGRAPH 2007, the 34th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques held 5-9 August 2007 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA, USA.
Geographically, North America (NA) is set to be the biggest market for computer graphics followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe.
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics appears in its third updated edition to pack in discussions of the basics of computer graphics for college-level students and programmers.
Hinds says her work has changed over the years - as she uses mediums ranging from traditional oil or pen and ink to photography, computer graphics and Plexiglas - but similarities persist.
A similar understanding of the way in which light is reflected from surface to surface recently led a group of computer graphics researchers to simulate on a computer screen the pearly highlights, the bleeding of color from one surface to another and the subtle gradations of reflected light characteristic of Vermeer's paintings.
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