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Does an employer have a right to monitor computer files, e-mail, or voice mail?
Its advantages: It provides clear plain-paper copies, a fax can be sent fight from a computer file (without first converting it to paper and then feeding it into the fax) and the computer can program faxes for unattended transmittal at any hour.
Then the computer file was e-mailed to Scaled Composites in Mojave, where it was used to program a milling machine large enough to shape an object 35 feet long.
Enhanced and expanded support for more computer file systems and email formats provides for the broadest set of digital analysis on the market.
I plan to make printouts of my favorites so that I will have a book of recipes in addition to a computer file.
You don't have to be sneaky or a crook to need to hide a computer file.
Until recently, many of the security products on the market were limited in their ability to provide adequate and convenient protection for sensitive computer files.
Stammers hack into your computer, encrypt your computer files, and then charge a ransom in order for you to get the decryption key; which would let you read the files again.
The Array Knowledge Online (AKO) Tool Developer Users Group (TDUG) Community of Practice (COP) provides more than 1,000 excellent computer files (and counting) to help soldiers help their units.
Each home will be wired to create a state-of-the-art home-integrated technology where residents can share printers and computer files throughout the apartment.
The words minor technical problem are not how I would define the loss of computer accessibility, computer files and the ability to communicate electronically.
Police said the criminals threaten to delete computer files or install pornographic images on an employee's PC unless he or she pays them a ransom.
The story works as a mystery: Netta examines Adam's computer files for clues as to who he might be meeting: flyers are put up; an appeal is made on TV; Netta goes to club meetings Adam attended at his high school, asking for any information about him.
Be sure to back up important data to reduce damage a virus can cause to computer files.
firms monitor their employees' phone calls, e-mails, Internet activities and computer files.