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(computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer

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Seven people who won Premium Bond winnings died before collecting their money after a computer error delayed prize pay-outs.
A computer error caused ``serious inaccuracies'' in scores on the state's Stanford 9 student achievement exam and threw in doubt evidence that non-English speaking students made dramatic gains, state education officials said Tuesday night.
The driver had picked up a parking ticket an hour before the robbery and a computer error mixed up the details with Muriel's crime report number.
The year was also badly affected by a computer error affecting past years, without which the combined ratio would have been 164.
AIB was left red-faced last night and forced to apologise over a computer error that exposed 15,000 customers to fraudsters.
SEVEN people died without receiving premium bond prizes after a computer error, it was revealed yesterday.
The computer error cost the show pounds 93,000 since if Mr Kennedy had been told his answer was wrong he would have gone home with pounds 32,000.
MoD officers blamed a computer error but a detailed report following a full audit of the fund is due to be submitted to chiefs shortly.
He said his office became aware of its computer error a few weeks ago after seeing the rankings.
com (OTCBB:NGNF)("the Company") announced that, as a result of a computer error, the audited financial statements electronically filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 2, 1999 were those of Market Guide Inc.
THE Dublin Port Tunnel closed for four hours yesterday because of a computer error.
After checking for an hour, the bank finally admitted the money was paid into the wrong account due to a computer error.
A council spokeswoman said a number of residents complained to council officials who launched an investigation, uncovering the computer error.
AN Inland Revenue computer error has left 250,000 people in tax limbo.
Due to a computer error, incorrect information was provided in Thursday's A La Carte column.
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