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(computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer

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NEWS: Gazette coverage of bypass plans, yesterday QUEUES: Traffic building up due to a computer error on lights just hours after a new call for a bypass to ease congestion
She inspires us to pledge amounts we can't possibly afford by telling us about TBN faithful who have done just that before receiving an inexplicable cash windfall via computer error or a surprise inheritance.
The mix-up over the exam - on information technology - was blamed by the head on a computer error.
The Stanford Bookstore is said to be taking steps to reverse the incorrect charges, which resulted from a computer error.
A 106-year-old Norwegian woman in the town of Os, near Bergen, was offered free bus rides to school after a computer error.
Due to a computer error, one college was inadvertently left out of the table "Associate's Degrees--All Disciplines/Total Minority" that appeared on page 9 of the June 24 issue.
United Airlines' tickets were on sale for just USD25 for about 45 minutes on Tuesday (14 May), following a computer error.
He called and was told it was a computer error and that they'd take care of it.
When the networks then erroneously called Florida for Bush a few hours later, Heyward says, "another series of confusions took place -- including what at this juncture appears to be a very significant computer error made by the Volusia County Elections Department -- which led to another series of bad calls by the television networks and newspapers across the nation.
If the tables were turned and a computer error did them a favour, for example by crediting extra money to their bank accounts or by removing driving license endorsements, nearly a third of respondents admitted that they would not own up.
The matchmaking service apologized and blamed the mix-up on computer error.
One official advised him it was a computer error, someone looked in the wrong "field" and found his name.
Many of these are at least somewhat informed: bidding goes through the roof for a World Body flag dipped in urine; an estate-full of late-'90s sculpture turns out to have been created by the dead artist's assistant (actually, robot assistant); and a computer error kills several visitors to "Penn Jacob's masterpiece Eighteen Holes of Human Misery," a miniature-golf-course installation that seems to be a dig at a more low-tech interactive exhibition a while ago at Artists' Space in New York.
Because of a computer error, yesterday's lead editorial was titled "Bet Nobody Can Figure Out What We Think.
The blunder, which denied businesses savings by switching, was blamed on a computer error.
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