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a firm that sells and buys computers

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computer dealer who was familiar with Salzenberg's case, says the chip scam allowed competitors to sell their machines for lower prices.
To get started: Take the extended training offered by your computer dealer or use an independent training consultant.
a leading IT outsourcing company, together with its Canadian subsidiary, CCSI CompuCom, today announced that it has been ranked by Computer Dealer News (CDN) as one of 2008's top five largest solution providers in Canada.
The suits came as the result of a Microsoft test purchase program in which the company buys hardware and software from computer dealers across the country and then tests the software and components for authenticity.
For less than $30,000 he purchased 170 refurbished Compaq computers from Toronto-based CDI Computer Dealers, a company that specializes in selling computers recently off-lease from corporations.
Within six months, used computer dealers came in and wanted to buy entire units, so we quickly switched over to a broader business model.
That encouraged (one might even say "forced") users to upgrade their PCs, which made computer dealers happy, since the markup on hardware is higher than on software.
Computer dealers can deduct the value of a client's trade-in from the cost of new equipment, thereby reducing the customer's sales tax.
There have been 30 percent to 40 percent in retail price decreases in the last two or three years," says Harpool, who will speak on trends in the industry at a conference of computer dealers in Nashville, Tenn.
Computer dealers often have telephone numbers and dial-up instructions for these groups.
Pennypinching computer dealers won't invest money to put enough software on their shelves; bewildered users can't find under-distributed titles.
The National Association of Computer Dealers recently released these figures after completion of a six month research project that included the sales statistics from used computer stores, and the individual consumer who sells through classified ads and word of mouth.
Swap meets and flea markets, unscrupulous computer dealers and traditional fences all provide a market.
Some computer dealers even include a certificate of authenticity, do you know you're getting a legitimate copy of the software.
Index for Used Computer Values Posts Gain The National Association of Computer Dealers (NACD) reported a record gain for its used computer value index, a leading market indicator.