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By deploying a new dual-side cooling design, the DirectFET package draws heat away from a computer circuit board.
By deploying a new dual-sided cooling design, the DirectFET package draws heat away from a computer circuit board and the high performance processors it powers.
Models are used with computer circuit simulation programs like SPICE, in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) systems to simulate electronic designs with computers before products are built.
The Company's software is used in the design of high performance electrical devices and systems, such as cellular phones, communications systems, computer circuit boards and motors.
In August 2001, IBM demonstrated the world's first logic-performing computer circuit based on a single carbon nanotube.
Ansoft is a leading provider of a suite of EDA software products that enable the design of high performance electrical components and systems, such as cellular phones, satellite communication systems, computer circuit boards, motors and ABS braking systems.
manufactures PC/104 computer circuit boards, as well as integrates custom computer systems based on these specialized boards for such end-applications as aircraft, medical devices, military equipment and vehicular navigation systems.
and Babbages stores, three of the nation's largest retailers of computer software and accessories, have ordered CompuNotes, Paris' line of notebooks, journals, clipboards, planners and storage binders manufactured from recycled computer circuit boards.
Stadler, President and CEO of CTT, commented, "Lack of a central place to store all physical and logical network information, such as hardware models, computer circuit speeds, modems, software and security data, is a critical deficiency in current systems for monitoring and helping to repair network outages, coordinating new installations, auditing billings from third parties.
Today's chip manufacturing process involves multiple, expensive precision steps to create the complex patterns of wires that define the computer circuit.
The "green" office manager will delight in touring the Eco Office of the Future and shopping for energy-efficient copiers, recycled cartridge printers and notebooks created from computer circuit boards.
IBM researchers today announced they have created and demonstrated the world's first logic-performing computer circuit within a single molecule, which may someday lead to a new class of smaller and faster computers that consume less power than today's machines.
The raids were the latest in a series of anti-counterfeiting actions in Hong Kong which have resulted in the seizure of more than 86,000 counterfeit video game cartridges and disks and 81,000 computer circuit boards for use in pirated games.
SLWK), a Minneapolis-based firm specializing in intellectual property law, has hired Mark Muller, a patent attorney with technical expertise in telecommunications, computer circuit design, and nondestructive testing.
The ads draw on light humor: The print ads feature a dog wearing a collar bearing an e-mail address, a baby with a mobile comprised of computer circuit boards, a young man "playing" a computer onstage before an appreciate audience, and a woman with a tattoo of a laptop computer above her ankle.
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