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(computer science) a copy of a file or directory on a separate storage device

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The company kicked off the sweepstakes earlier this month with the hopes of helping those who have thought about using a computer backup service to discover how secure and beneficial cloud backup services can be.
It will have to do that, too, to survive in the marketplace for laptop/notebook computer backup solutions.
Do you keep a copy of your computer backup offsite?
The company's product portfolio includes computer backup and docking solutions as well as cutting-edge products featuring the new high-speed Thunderbolt[TM] interface.
Utilizing the latest 8TB HGST Helium hard disk drive technology, High-Rely RAIDFrame backup appliances now deliver unprecedented storage capacities for computer backup and long-term retention.
Media and entertainment company Time Warner said Monday that computer backup tapes containing data on 600,000 individuals were lost by an outside data storage firm.
Mr Wilkinson is selling data storage solution group Storm and computer backup service Vdata to InTechnology, a shell company listed on the stockmarket.
Contract notice: Provision of a computer backup center for the continued operation of a subset of information systems on behalf of management of the assessment, forecasting and performance and all related services the ministry of national education, higher education and research.
com)-- Highly Reliable Systems, the innovative American-made backup appliance experts, have revealed at Automation Nation 2015 their upcoming NetSwap 600 rack-mounted computer backup NAS system featuring six disk bays capable of RAID-10 configuration with built-in virtual machine support and remote management tools.
Additionally, WD products simplify the process of computer backup through support of the new File History feature within Windows 8.
Phil Paske, 52, left with his wife and two children, 4 and 11, for the college shelter - but not before his wife hiked past a barrier to their home to collect photos, valuable documents and computer backup tapes.
The company, which runs computer backup and recovery facilities across the country and throughout the continent, said it saw no signs of customers delaying or deferring spending on new contracts because of Year 2000 issues.
CrashPlan+ - the award-winning computer backup solution for home users.
Contract award: The task I "Standby Power Campus A University of Lodz concluded between the streets: Zeromski, Zwirki, Wolczanska, Radwanska in Lodz and computer backup power supply system in the building A17 - Kwestura of the building A5 - Computer Center" Task II "Power supply Process Engineering Faculty building and Environmental Protection in Lodz.
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