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(computer science) a copy of a file or directory on a separate storage device

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The company kicked off the sweepstakes earlier this month with the hopes of helping those who have thought about using a computer backup service to discover how secure and beneficial cloud backup services can be.
Keeping your emergency preparedness systems in check will prepare you for most any disaster, and auditing your insurance program every year and your computer backup program every couple months is lust the beginning.
In April, Time Warner said it lost computer backup tapes containing sensitive data, including the names and Social Security numbers of 600,000 current and former employees, their dependents and beneficiaries, and individuals who have provided services for the company.
THE news that Time Warner has lost computer backup tapes containing personal data on some 600,000 past and present employees and their families comes as one more example - as if we needed one - that no one's identity is safe these days.
recovery of computer backup files, transfer of data to the computer backup site, and operation of the backup site itself.
credit-rating agency attributed the upward revision to the company's accumulating experience, participation in securitization transactions and implementation of a simulation test of the company's computer backup system to better deal with the risk of fire or natural disasters.
It will have to do that, too, to survive in the marketplace for laptop/notebook computer backup solutions.
Do you keep a copy of your computer backup offsite?
Computer Backup Pools, Disaster Recovery, and Default Risk-Page78
The company's product portfolio includes computer backup and docking solutions as well as cutting-edge products featuring the new high-speed Thunderbolt[TM] interface.
Utilizing the latest 8TB HGST Helium hard disk drive technology, High-Rely RAIDFrame backup appliances now deliver unprecedented storage capacities for computer backup and long-term retention.
Media and entertainment company Time Warner said Monday that computer backup tapes containing data on 600,000 individuals were lost by an outside data storage firm.
Mr Wilkinson is selling data storage solution group Storm and computer backup service Vdata to InTechnology, a shell company listed on the stockmarket.
ABSTRACT: There is a growing popularity of computer backup pools, where a few members share the ownership, or right for service, of a computer center Such a center stands by to provide for the lost computing capacity of a member suffering a computer breakdown and disaster recovery.
Contract notice: Provision of a computer backup solution for the management of information systems (dsi) ugap.
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