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a period beginning in the last quarter of the 20th century when information became easily accessible through publications and through the manipulation of information by computers and computer networks

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The magazine publishes "The Computer Age in Merchandising," a 68-page overview of computers and their role in marketing and distribution.
No one can argue that this is not the computer age.
DAVID Dimbleby attempts to tell Britain's story through its art and objects - from the Iron Age to the Computer Age - in his new book The Seven Ages of Britain to tie in with a primetime BBC series of the same name.
It includes an introduction to the relevant privileges and protections developed prior to the computer age and examines the impact of technology on those tenets, including: the reasonable expectation of privacy and related ethical issues; waivers; privilege logs; the crime-fraud exception; experts; litigation hold notices; litigation support databases; inadvertent production and risks of waiver of privilege; and, the new federal rules.
The New Age having evolved into the Computer Age, visualization is no longer applied to world peace or parking spots, but to security, environmental protection, virtually reality, games, and other areas.
The author takes the opportunity to examine record-keeping practices over the last few centuries as a whole and notes that paradigms created in medieval times have re-emerged in the Computer Age.
In the computer age, they're more accurately called information specialists, stewarding a school's digital resources and helping teachers with technology integration.
It seems unlikely that a loom would spark the computer age.
The immediate target of these new rules is the legal profession; the courts want lawyers to adapt to the computer age.
Colortronic North America Computer Age Engineering Dabsco Equipment Inc.
In this computer age, it would be a shame not to let your computer do most of that tracking work.
Introducing the reader to a man who's work has tangibly effected students from times of the Vietnam and cold wars, through Reganism, Generation X and the cultural technological revolution of the computer age, Old Hopes For A New Place creates a vivid account of the changes and effects of Grand Valley State University's outstanding president upon both students and faculty.
Don't give me the old excuse that it would cause administrative headaches in this computer age.
The gruesome thriller "Hard Candy" posits itself as a "Little Red Riding Hood" for the computer age, effectively exploiting male castration fears and the news media's fixation with pedophiles.
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