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(computer science) the code that identifies where a piece of information is stored

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He copied personal contact information out of his computer address book into an online shopping checkout page, filling out the order processing pages in a quick gesture, for example.
We have a good-faith belief that all the evidence we have gathered shows that a particular person at a particular computer address has engaged in copyright infringement," says RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy, who points out that before a complaint can go forward--and subpoenas issued--a federal judge must review and approve the complaint.
The worm virus burrows into infected computer address books and sends out multiple emails to each name listed.
While customers will have to update their Rolodexes and computer address files, Sunrise investors won't have to make much of an adjustment, as the company's stock symbol remains unchanged.
The sender of the e-mail message may appear to be someone you know, but the hacker may have just stolen your address from your acquaintance's computer address book.
Finger-saving phone: If you say aloud the name of any person listed in your computer address list, the phone will ring that person up.
Upon opening an attachment using Microsoft software, the virus sends a copy of itself to everyone in the user's computer address book and seeks to destroy files.
According to court documents, he also supplied a computer address which included a nude photo of his genitals.
Several kinds of messages must pass among distributed computer nodes: a priori messages that a compiler can generate to ensure that data is available to a node before it is needed; computer address data, requiring messages for both address and data; and various broadcast and synchronization information.
When the satellite comes within range of a computer network on the ground, it will download the information and send it to its designated computer address.
The fact that a computer address outside British jurisdiction is involved is extremely alarming.
Their tests revealed that the encrypted file had been wrongly placed on an insecure server and subsequently uploaded to a computer address registered outside the country.
The evidence was unarguable: I had hard data from the Web site's records, showing students logging in to secondary accounts, getting the quiz answers, then logging back into their primary accounts at the same computer address.
Walpole said one person pointed out an erroneous computer address.
New Site Improves Usability with Updated Design Predictive Search, Alerts, and Ability to Add State Contacts to Computer Address Books
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