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someone trained in computer science and linguistics who uses computers for natural language processing

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Robert Munro, Computational Linguist and Data Scientist
Tammam Adi is a computational linguist and director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Eugene.
Dr Graeme Ritchie, a computational linguist at Edinburgh University, said: "When I've finished the work, it will probably be so abstract that very few people outside linguists will read it.
Unlike conventional text extraction products that may require configuration by a computational linguist or other specially trained expert, the new Directed Learning(TM) technology making its debut in Attensity Workstation enables ordinary users and analysts to quickly and easily "train" the system to extract and transform targeted facts and relationships into structured data for analysis.
A month ago, we didn't even know what language we would be working on," explained Ulrich Germann, a computational linguist at ISI, part of the University of Southern California School of Engineering.
We have a team of computational linguists that are constantly improving our clients' understanding of their customer questions.
Linguists and English language scholars survey recent research by corpus linguists, computational linguists, and linguists who use corpora in their own specialty.
Apart from the computational linguists, lexicographers and computer science engineers from Lucy Software Iberica, further linguists and lexicographers specialized in the Basque language from local Basque companies - UZEI, Emergiatech and Gizerbitek - also participated in the project.
eu), which will certainly spark future collaborations between typologists and computational linguists.
Utrecht) and The MITRE Corporation (Mark Maybury), the workshop brought together a group of 50 computational linguists, Al researchers, and computer scientists from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa working in a range of areas (for example, speech and language processing, translation, summarization, multimedia presentation, content extraction, dialog tracking) both to report advances in human language technology and their application to knowledge management and to work toward a road map for the human language technologies for the next decade.
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