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may be computed or estimated


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Apervita enables them to be unlocked, turning them into computable and shareable analytics and putting them to work to improve health.
Telemedicine, community health supports, and other innovative delivery processes will be stunted if we cannot make privacy computable," she attested.
Huang stressed that OGS touch panels are expected to replace traditional models using two pieces of glass in the coming years, considering that the trend is being driven by Intel and Microsoft, both of who have actively promoted next-generation laptops that feature use of touch panels computable with new chipsets and Windows 8.
Mathematicians had been thinking about computable functions for some time.
They have shown that large arrays of these nano-magnets can be used to store computable information.
The company said that the combined power of the two applications makes it possible to create and store customised ICD-9 and ICD-10 mappings, and leverages the industry-standard vocabularies of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary to provide coded, computable data that people can understand and software applications can use and process in real-time.
N](r) are computable constants depending on r, and we set N = M - 1.
Routledge advances in experimental and computable economics; no.
However, for the scientist, it now has computable data bases to assist in their respective disciplines.
The system, called a computational knowledge engine, is the brainchild of London-born physicist Dr Stephen Wolfram and aims "to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone".
The long-term goal of Wolfram Alpha is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.
This includes exchanging some information in computable form, which is the highest level of interoperability.
The well-informed CMIO, whether in a healthcare organization or in industry, needs to know what's coming down from Medicare; as well as, new never event preventions from the National Quality Forum, and also be aware of both new guidelines and new methods that may be coming out to make those guidelines computable and whether these methods have reached a computable state.
More importantly, Dembski is over-zealous since the probability factor of any design is not computable, e.