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Synonyms for compulsory

Synonyms for compulsory

imposed on one by authority, command, or convention

done under force


Synonyms for compulsory

required by rule

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Kahlon said, 'The reform will end the exploitation of the public in the compulsory insurance market.
The BUCU motion said: "This branch rejects compulsory redundancies at the University of Birmingham.
The Birmingham branch of the University and College Union has agreed a motion protesting at compulsory job losses, and called an indicative ballot to gauge support for action.
Petitioner Robina Yasmin, Junior Auditor at Controller of Military Pension, Lahore through her counsel Mian Jaffer Hussain pleaded that she was compulsory retired on medical grounds without constitution of proper medical board and holding of regular enquiry as defined in the law.
Patel said that the state government had made arrangements for implementing compulsory voting and was framing rules to supplement the law.
Speaking Monday in Smolyan, Tsvetanov suggested that a referendum on the introduction of compulsory voting could be held alongside the local elections.
Research about compulsory abortion counselling in Hungary.
It added: "Efforts to reduce the number of compulsory redundancies led to an invitation to the university's employees to participate in its Voluntary Severance Scheme, which has led directly to the number of roles at risk of compulsory redundancy being reduced from 60 to 10.
Yesterday, Team Neuss finished in first place in CVI 3* Squad Compulsory Test.
His call for 16-year-olds to vote was backed by the Welsh Government, but it rejected the suggestion of a move to compulsory voting.
Dubai: Across the Gulf Cooporation Council (GCC) region, compulsory health schemes are now the norm.
A shift by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission allowing foreign insurers to write compulsory third-party liability coverage for motor may provide leverage to access China's larger commercial motor sector.
One such instrument is compulsory licensing, which allows generic manufacturers to produce pharmaceutical products that are currently subject to patent protection.
Some compulsory insurance states further impose requirements on insurers to report insurance cancellations and/or nonrenewals.