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Synonyms for compulsory

Synonyms for compulsory

imposed on one by authority, command, or convention

done under force


Synonyms for compulsory

required by rule

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Accordingly, in article 7 ("The compulsoriness to put in motion and to exercise the criminal action") paragraph 2, it is provided that "in the cases and conditions expressly provided by the law, the prosecutor can waive performing the criminal action if, regarding the concrete elements of the case, there is no public interest in achieving its objective.
citizens only have one single choice assigned by the state), according to Rawls' priority rule, the compulsoriness is an impermissible and unjustifiable restriction unless the state can prove that such a restriction is necessary for the defense of a liberty itself or the best total system of liberty, rather than for economic or social well-being.
Policy options are categorized in different ways; we focus here on where they fit along a spectrum that denotes their degree of compulsoriness.
Since 1948, a network of institutions of varying degrees of compulsoriness and effectiveness have worked to implement them.
To begin this exposition, the authors define several attributes of information disclosure policies that were first articulated by Teisl and Roe (1998): compulsoriness, explicitness, and standardization.
The illusion that femininity belongs to women in a way masculinity does not is simply the result of the compulsoriness of that particular gender performance for women.
However, that does not satisfactorily explain the creation of completely voluntary associations, and, as such, most associations seem to have started before they entered into corporatist exchanges and concertation and gained, in the process, a certain degree of compulsoriness.
1/1995 on the compulsoriness pronounced in constitutionality review, "res judicata accompanying jurisdictional acts, and therefore decisions of the Constitutional Court attaches not only to the device, but also to the considerations that support it".
Changing names, integration through marriage or the compulsoriness to promote the idea of "Romanianess" are just few elements and steps that help us to understand better the phenomenon of identity doping.