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Synonyms for compulsory

Synonyms for compulsory

imposed on one by authority, command, or convention

done under force


Synonyms for compulsory

required by rule

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One does not talk here about the necessity of legal interpretation, but about its compulsoriness in the totality of the steps which imply the creation and application of the legal norm (cf.
9) still it is centered on prevention measures and their specific indicators: introducing and enforcing ethical, deonthological, behaviour codes, enforcing the compulsoriness of assets and gifts declarations, identifying and dismissing conflicts of interests, enforcing ethical values through the use of ethical advisors, identifying and removing incompatibilities, consolidating the transparency of the decision-making process, strengthening transparency by increasing the access to public interest information, increasing the protection of personnel notifying integrity infringements, assurig the random distribution of files and office duties, imposing post-employment interdictions (Pantouflage measures) (11).
Article 75 of the Fundamental Law introduced, past its revision and republication in October 2003, the solution of the compulsoriness to notify in some matters the Senate, as the first Chamber of reflection or, as the case may be, the Chamber of Deputies and consequently regulated in the role as decision-making Chamber the Senate in some matters and the Chamber of Deputies in other matters, precisely so as not to exclude one Chamber or the other from the mechanism of law-making.
The cabinet reitrerated the significance of increasing active participation in the electioneering process in atmospheres of freedom and transparency aloof from any compulsoriness, instigation or intimidation in order to magnify our national gains.
For the first time principles of tax legislation have been included into the countryeCOs Tax Code (principles of legitimacy, compulsoriness, fairness, clearness of taxation, consistency of taxation system, publicity of taxation legislation, presumption of good conscientiousness and legality).