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in a manner that cannot be evaded

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Consequently, the owners of the compulsorily acquired properties do not have a protected "right" to the non-abandonment of the compulsory acquisition by the acquiring authority.
Consequently, Sabadell despatched of formal compulsory acquisition notices (the Compulsory Acquisition Notices) to acquire compulsorily any remaining TSB Shares in respect of which the offer had not been accepted, on the same terms as the offer.
If an employer cannot objectively justify the decision to compulsorily retire the employee, or if they otherwise handle the process unfairly, they could be exposed to a claim for unfair dismissal or age discrimination.
Cattle compulsorily slaughtered by Welsh Government as a result of a TB incident are currently valued on their individual merits.
The central bank has cut the amount of capital that commercial banks must compulsorily park with it.
I believe the system could be streamlined if the Education Ministry ensured that every child in every school - government and private - compulsorily uses a common bus transport system provided by the school.
In such a case, the Saudi worker should be subject compulsorily to the Occupational Hazard Branch.
A police spokesman said on Friday the DPO had compulsorily retired Sub-Inspector Muhammad Saeed, constables Nadim Hussain and Zafar Ullah; dismissed constables Ibrarul Hassan, Farrukh Wasim and Muhammad Gulzar from service on charges of poor performance and absence from duty.
Meanwhile, those directly within the route corridor and set to have land compulsorily purchased may still be around two years off seeing money reach their bank account.
Unfortunately this is not council owned, so in this instance there is a case for the council to compulsorily purchase the fields in question for their agricultural value of pounds 6,000 per acre.
The compulsorily removed Welsh organs will have to be pooled centrally with those from the rest of the UK.
Also, if old car tyres are replaced compulsorily during vehicle registration or a system is invented
9 November 2011 - US diagnostics and health management solutions company Alere Inc (NYSE:ALR) announced today it will compulsorily buy the remaining stake of its takeover target Axis-Shield (LON:ASD) after its revised GBP235m (USD376m/EUR275m) offer secured 94.
WARRINGTON South MP David Mowat will next week spearhead moves to compulsorily detain youths who carry knives to threaten or endanger lives.
Summary: Over 1,000 sailors will learn they will be made redundant as part of defence cuts, with a third of them compulsorily.