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the trait of acting compulsively

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The questionnaire used in this study applied this 13-item scale to measure the degree of compulsiveness and therefore it asked respondents the following questions:
uk/research/news/traumatic-childhood-may-increase-the-risk-of-drug-addiction/) have discovered that a traumatic upbringing can emphasise personality traits such as impulsivity or compulsiveness, which in turn increase the risk of addiction.
propensity for (2004) compulsiveness use credit cards more intensely.
compulsiveness and within a reasonable time limit, indicative of
Sheela began to spend less time with her friends and family, where she would have to put up a brave face, and instead devoted more hours to work, where she could worry freely, obsessing over every detail of her job to the point of compulsiveness.
As for future research, alternative psychographic measures including utility, hedonism, lifestyle, compulsiveness, and risk are worthy of further inquiry as the activity of fantasy baseball has the potential to pull baseball fans in several directions.
These differences between levels of compulsiveness can be related to levels of GABA in one very specific region of the brain.
Spock--as compulsiveness born of repressed hostility toward her feuding parents.
that his relationships with women, always vigorous and varied, became sexually ever more exuberant to such a degree that they resembled the compulsiveness of a Casanova.
It's about war crime, foremost, but also obsessive compulsiveness, a disorder that frequently shows up in PTSD cases.
Many workaholics experience harmful health consequences as a result of their compulsiveness.
Effect4 4: No sig diffs Effect5 RCT = randomized controlled trial MN = master of nursing NA = not applicable SI = suicidal ideation BGP = bereavement group postvention (can be defined within table Constanto & Bricker, 1996) APM = active postvention model (can be defined within table Cerel & Campbell, 2008) PP = passive postvention (can be defined within table Cerel & Campbell, 2008) SGP = social group postvention (can be defined within table Constanto & Bricker, 1996) BDI = Beck Depression Inventory NA = not applicable OC = obsessive compulsiveness SI = suicidal idealtion NOS = not otherwise specified ND = not described Tx = treatement Cx = control ITT = intent-to-treat Table 1c.
DWL: Compulsiveness is something that nearly everyone faces, in one way or another.
2000) since DA D2 receptors are mediators of reinforcement and compulsiveness, and obese subjects were found to have lower levels of these receptors in the striatum (Wang et al.