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the trait of acting compulsively

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Personality traits mentioned by participants during interviews (introversion, withdrawal, preference for solitude, among others) support scientific literature, which suggests that the personality of women with AN is usually marked by traits of inferiority, inadequacy and insecurity, perfectionism, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, negative emotions, withdrawal, and avoidance behaviors (Cassin & von Ranson, 2005; Nilsson et al.
His condition makes it difficult for him to articulate and results in compulsiveness at times, according to his parents, making it difficult for him to make friends.
But to make it worse, the most elite athletes also often have personalities that make extreme weight control possible including perfectionism, competitiveness, compulsiveness, drive, and high activity level.
It is relevant to point out that the phrase "addictive personality" is a psychological concept that refers to a preexisting set of traits such as low impulse control and compulsiveness believed to make individuals more susceptible to addiction ("Behavioral pharmacology of human drug dependence," 1981).
The central traits in the study were compulsiveness and impulsiveness.
There was no history of psychotic symptoms, hyperactivity, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, or substance abuse.
Drawing on acts of avoidance, compulsiveness and suppression of emotions, not only provides marginalized sanctuaries of safety and self-protection from threats of pubertal changes, but also predisposes some men to simultaneously embrace behavior patterns offered by anorexia.
Sudden onset behaviors that indicate anxiety, fears and phobias, compulsiveness, depression, disorientation, moodiness, erratic temperament, and/ aggression warrant a trip to your vet's office.
This emerging research stream has focused on individuals' perceptions of riskiness (Atchley, Atwood, and Boulton 2011), insufficient sleep (Dahl 2008), recklessness and its consequences (Harrison 2011), compulsiveness (Steelman et al.
Edvard (1992) developed a scale to measure the low to high levels compulsiveness in consumers' behavior.
And insofar as Morris has chosen to copy objects that often implicate the body--above all, his own--the immediacy, even compulsiveness, of self-invention is physically acute.
In a joint factorial analysis between the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revised (EPQ-R), the NEO Personality Inventory Revised (NEO-PI-R) and the DAPP-BQ, Emotional Dysregulation loaded with Neuroticism, Low Affiliation with Extraversion, Social Avoidance with Psychoticism and Agreeableness (-), and Compulsiveness with Conscientiousness (Larstone, Jang, Livesley, Vernon, & Wolf, 2002).
The use of p16 and Ki-67 may also be influenced by the degree of pathologist's familiarity with the value or staining patterns of these stains through exposure during training, practice of colleagues, articles in medical journals, and presentations at scientific meetings, by their personal positive or negative experience with the marker, and by other factors, including the desire of objectivity, compulsiveness to achieve an accurate diagnosis, insecurity, degree of confidence in interpretation of the stains, and tolerance for risk taking.
In contrast to compulsiveness, basicness does not involve the idea of commandment.
Also in regard to finances, we found very interesting the compulsiveness that the asylums' budget should be completely separated by those of either the Eforie or the Epitropy, whereas the extra revenue of the asylums would be utilized solely "for the benefit of the alienated" (the principle of equity).