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in a compulsive manner

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On the other hand, it really does seem as if some people are shopping compulsively, falling victim to impulse buying.
The scale allowed participants to rank their frequency of compulsive spending behaviors on a scale from one if they never compulsively spent, through five if they always compulsively spent in different scenarios.
Another study led by Eric Burguiere and Ann Graybiel at MIT examined the same circuitry in normal mice and in mice engineered both to groom compulsively and to respond to light.
The survey points toward Gen Y's need to almost obsessive compulsively interact with their laptops, smartphones and tablets.
Mercury is a book untamed, untamable, compulsively readable and often repellant, and to finish it is to find yourself staring back into your eyes, the book just a mirror in your hands.
COMPULSIVELY checking your smartphone may not actually be that smart, British researchers warn.
Even with his prescription, he still exhibits symptoms of the disorder, including compulsively washing his hands and a superstition about the number 6.
Sheer, exhilarating escapism--often violent and bloody--is offered by this deftly constructed and compulsively readable adventure.
For all its flaws, however, Buried Thunder is a quick, compulsively readable, page-turner.
Another one concludes his profile of Benazir Bhutto with a recipe for burfi, a sugary sweet that Pakistan's former leader gobbles compulsively during their visit--only days before her assassination.
Female insanity, insomnia and things that go bump in the night surface in songs that verge from the warm and cosy through to lead track Sleep that's strangely skewed to the point of being compulsively weird.
Web users who are disciplined, rational, and polite in everyday life are known to fire off brusque e-mails that offend colleagues or co-workers, shop or gamble compulsively in online retail outlets and casinos, or create online profiles that brim with uncharacteristic bravado and over-confidence.
With people compulsively checking text messages and tweeting updates on their whereabouts, idleness seems a thing of the past.
I find it very boring that I am so compulsively polite.
And the broadcast delivered: The first of three 90-minute live debates between the major parties, the first-ever televised in Britain, proved to be a compulsively watchable slice of British political and media history.