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in a compulsive manner

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I hardly slept for weeks and kept going by eating compulsively and reading until exhaustion brought sleep.
People who chew gum compulsively are likely to develop wrinkles around their mouth, according to doctors.
In addition to ``Law & Order: Criminal Intent,'' which has become compulsively watchable thanks to Vincent D'Onofrio's spellbinding performances, the network added (not just) another cop show, ``Boomtown,'' and a '60s-era family drama, ``American Dreams'' to its schedule this season.
OVERLOAD: Mastering and compulsively using email, pdas, mobile phones and computers can leave you stressed out
ESTELLA RIJNVALD is a parrot tulip - one of the most flamboyant classes of this compulsively addictive plant family.
Compulsively readable, Harris's last installment is sure to be a best-seller as well.
Were these so-called liberals in the media compulsively destroying their hapless codependent?
That makes it compulsively watchable, no matter how degraded things get.
He compulsively filed material pertaining to himself.
Writing is such a solitary process, and I'm compulsively social.
A lot of people are thinking very carefully, almost compulsively, about all the things that have been important to them.
Schutte's figures are in fact as compulsively repetitive as those of Balkenhol, though Schutte's seem more emotionally primitive than Balkenhol's expressively static works, whatever may be churning in them: they maintain the difference between social mask and inner life that Schutte's collapse.
The teenager suffered from trichotillomania, known as trich in short, an impulsive control disorder in which sufferers compulsively yank hair off their bodies, leaving bald patches.
After he was found bludgeoned to death in an Arizona hotel room in 1978, it came out that the Catholic, several-times-married actor had spent much of his last decade compulsively seducing women he'd met on the dinner theater circuit, while a sleazy accomplice named John Carpenter (not the director of ``Halloween'') joined in and videotaped the reveries.
But the central three characters could hardly be called dull and "Mad'' Frankie makes a compulsively watchable villain.