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Synonyms for personality

Synonyms for personality

the combination of emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities that distinguishes an individual

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This attitude and approach to living may, I postulate, be partially grounded constitutionally in an overactive sympathetic nervous system around which compulsive personality traits evolve in order to organize and sublimate what otherwise would be restive feelings.
Indeed, the rigid, compulsive personality style noted among anorexic adolescents (Bruch, 1973; Crisp, 1967; Strober, 1981) may explain the lack of difficulties in these areas.
Claiming he is mentally ill and engaging in psychiatric name-calling, however, such as "obsessive compulsive personality disorder" and "attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder" - oops, sorry: Efron says it's only significant that ADHD sufferers think Clinton is a fellow sufferer - only communicates that conservatives cannot challenge Clinton on the issues.
Compulsive personality - characterized by being perfectionistic and expecting perfection and flawlessness from instructors and themselves.
Hoarding is commonly defined as the acquisition of and failure to discard possessions of little use or value, and is included as a symptom in the diagnostic criteria for obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
She's not as fetishistic about it as some, but I'd have to say there are signs of a compulsive personality about her relationship with the duster and polish.